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Theme #6: Orgasm Control - 4 of 5
Title: No Complaints
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Warning: Porn with absolutely no plot
A/N: Written last minute because [info]sra_black lamented about a lack of fic and guilt prompts me to write. Huge thank you to [info]testdog65 who did a super quick beta for me so i could go out to eat.

The room was just barely lit from the fixture near the bed, and Justin smiled at the sight of Brian sleeping. He was on his back, hair sticking out all crazily, duvet kicked to the foot of the bed. The sheet covered most of the lower half of his body, and one leg was exposed from mid-thigh down.

Justin dropped his bag in the middle of the floor. He toed his shoes off and stripped off his clothes as quietly as possible, letting them drop to the floor, leaving a trail from the doorway to the bed. He bit his lip happily thinking about Brian bitching about the mess in the morning and not meaning a word of it.

He climbed onto the bed and whispered, "Brian," as he kissed the place where his neck gracefully curved into his shoulder. "Brian," he whispered again, kissing slowly down his chest. Brian didn't respond, but the slight change in his breathing, and the way his breath momentarily caught in his throat when Justin's tongue lightly circled his nipple told Justin he was awake.

Moving back up his chest and neck, Justin left a trail of wet open-mouthed kisses. He hovered, just above Brian's lips. Brian lifted his head enough to close the distance and kissed him lightly, then whispered against his lips, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Justin huffed a laugh, bit Brian's bottom lip, and ignored the question. They sank easily into each other's mouths, and Justin shifted his body, rubbing his thigh against the sheet that covered Brian's semi-hard dick.

The make-out session came to an abrupt end when Brian suddenly pushed against Justin's shoulder, rolling him over onto his back. He propped himself up on one arm, looking down at Justin as his free hand lazily started stroking Justin's cock.

"I thought we agreed you were staying in New York this weekend, and I was staying here?"

"Mmm, no, I'm pretty sure you told me to stay without letting me decide for myself, and I just didn't waste our time arguing and let it drop without committing one way or another."

Brian's thumb slid across the slit and he casually coated the head of Justin's dick with the pre-come that had gathered there.

Justin's breath hitched in his throat before he continued, "Are you seriously going to complain?" the last word coming out as a moan as Brian continued stroking him. He shook his head back and forth in response. Regarding Justin with a slightly amused expression, he took his hand off of Justin's dick and glided it along the length of his arm guiding it to rest against the pillow over his head as he did so.

Justin watched him curiously as Brian shifted, laying on his side, pressing close to Justin, and effectively trapping Justin's other arm beneath him. He threw one leg over Justin's and pulled it closer, spreading Justin slightly and trapping that leg between his own. Just as the hand that had been propping up his head snaked up to trap Justin's wrist against the pillow, his other hand tightly grasped Justin's cock. "Fuck," Justin groaned, his cock twitching in Brian's fist.

He instinctively tried to move the arm pinned above his head, but Brian's grip tightened.

His fist closed around Justin's dick, and Brian settled into an easy rhythm, occasionally swiping his thumb over the head, gathering the pre-come collecting there, using it to lube Justin's cock. His body settled against Justin's. His lips grazed Justin's ear, his breath hot on the side of his face. Justin moaned, bucking his hips, trying to fuck Brian's fist. The man was clearly in no hurry to get him off. And if not for the tightening of Brian's thighs and the hand around his wrist, sadly limiting his ability to thrust into Brian's hand, he would have thought the man was falling asleep. He was so still, the rhythm of the hand working Justin's cock slow and lazy, like an afterthought.

"Brian," Justin groaned in protest. Brian responded by biting his ear lobe. Justin could feel him fucking grinning against the side of his face. But his hand picked up the pace, and Justin could feel Brian's hard-on rubbing against his thigh.

He could feel his orgasm start to build, and he continued to try and thrust into Brian's strokes as much as he could. "Fuck, don't stop," Justin pleaded.

Brian stopped.

"Not yet."

He once again loosened his grip and slowed his movements, much to Justin's dismay. Justin was starting to squirm, trying to free his arms. "Brian. Fuck." he groaned, before giving up and collapsing his weight back into the mattress. He mentally noted, with some satisfaction, that the dick pressed against his side seemed to be grinding against him harder and faster.

Brian's hand moved faster once again, matching the pace with which he was rutting against Justin's hip.

Justin's orgasm started to build. He could feel it burning inside of him, and suddenly felt the need to confess, "Brian, I'm gonna come." As if Brian couldn't tell.

"Not yet, Justin," his voice was low and firm, with the faintest trace of a plea, as he continued to pump Justin's cock. Justin groaned, struggling to hold back, "Fuck. Please, Brian I need to come," the need so bad it fucking hurt.

Brian groaned, his lips wet against Justin's skin as he shook his head in a silent "no." But the feel of Justin struggling to comply, straining against him, the blood in his wrist pulsing against one palm, while the blood in his dick pulsed against the other was too fucking much, and Brian rocked hard against Justin and was undone, coming hard, and needing Justin to do the same. He repeatedly, and unnecessarily, encouraged Justin to follow. Justin exploded in his fist before Brian even finished the first harshly moaned, "Come, Justin."

After a minute, when their breathing had somewhat returned to normal, Brian rolled over on his back. Justin scooted over until his sticky come-covered hip was bumping up against Brian's, his head resting on Brian's outstretched arm.

"We're disgusting and should seriously consider showering."

Brian nodded, "Plus, you've been home for almost an hour, and I still haven't fucked you."

"You are definitely losing your touch."

Brian snorted and tiredly smacked Justin's thigh. He pulled his arm free and sat up. Justin barely moved, aside from arranging a pillow under his head in place of Brian's arm. Brian grabbed the sheet from the foot of the bed and pulled it over them as he lay back down.

"When are you going to fuck me?" Justin sleepily mumbled, turning onto his stomach, burying his head in his pillow.

"In the morning," Brian said, stretching out on his back, his eyes already closed, his hand resting on the pillow above Justin's head, and his fingers absently stroking Justin's hair. "After you pick up the shit all over the floor." If Justin had still been awake, he'd have smiled and told Brian he loved him too.
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