22 September 2007 @ 07:52 pm
Theme #6: Orgasm Control - 1 of 5  
Title: Equality
Author: [info]xie_xie_xie
Timeline: post-513
Rating: NC-17 but barely
Author's note: I swear I didn't mean for this to happen, but it did.

By Xie

Justin arched his back, his head pressing into the pillows, his heels driving into the bed. Brian had two fingers deep inside him, fluttering on either side of his prostate, while his mouth and tongue teased and sucked and licked at the head of Justin’s cock.

Around the base of which Brian had, more than an hour before, tightly fastened a leather cock ring.

Justin was fairly sure that he was going to die if Brian didn’t let him come soon. He’d tried begging, bribing, pleading, and even resorted to trying to pull the leather strap off by himself. Brian always got to Justin’s hands before they were anywhere near his dick.

Sometimes, Justin thought, having a partner who was not only one of the leading experts in sex on the East Coast – or possibly in the entire country, or even the world – was a good thing. One who knew your body better than you knew it yourself. One who could read you like birds can read air currents. Who can adjust the slightest flick of his tongue or pressure of his cock inside you to make you come harder than you’d ever come before.

And other times it was completely fucked. Times when he used that knowledge and skill to bring you to the brink of orgasm over and over and over. And. Then. Just. Stopped. When he seemed to sense not only that you were about to come, but that you were about to sit up, tear off the cock ring, and jerk yourself off all over his face.

As Brian slid the tight circle of his mouth down the shaft of Justin’s cock, Justin groaned and lifted his hips up yet again, and Brian’s mouth retreated. “Brian, Brian, Brian….” Justin wasn’t really sure he was even able to get the words out, but that’s what he meant to say.

It might have come out more as “FUCK YOU.” Possibly.

Brian pulled his away, and Justin’s engorged cock bobbed against his belly, pre-come bubbling out of the slit. Justin had his arms crossed over his face, and moved them open just enough to glare at Brian.

“Any time now would be good,” Justin hissed, his voice hoarse from moaning and begging.

Brian smiled. “It’ll be a while, Justin.”

Justin flung his arms on either side of him. “Why are you doing this? Get that thing off my dick and get me off, asshole.”

Actually, he meant to say that, but all he did was moan.

Brian crawled up until he was lying alongside Justin’s naked body. He trailed a finger through a bit of pre-come that had pooled on his stomach, and slid it all over Justin’s hard nipples.

Justin moaned again.

“Do you know why I’m doing this, Justin?”

This time Justin did actually get a few words out. “Because you’re trying to kill me.”

Brian laughed. “No, I’m trying to restore fairness and equality to our relationship.”

Justin stared at him.

Brian went on. “Do you remember the first time we had sex? When you came all over my chest and the duvet and, possibly, the ceiling?” Brian glanced into the rafters overhead. “I really should check for semen splatters up there.”

Justin shook his head, trying to follow. “You mean that time when you wouldn’t stop jerking me off, even though I told you I was going to come and you’d told me not to, and I tried to get you to stop but you ignored me? That time?”

Brian looked at him in a condescending way. “Do you really think that you had enough blood going to your brain at that moment to form a reliable memory, Justin?”

Justin snorted. “I think I remember that night pretty well.”

Brian ignored him. “Anyway, I realize that the combination of your youth and sexual inexperience, as well as your general lack of sexual finesse…”


“I mean, at that time. I admit you’ve learned a few things from me over the years.”

“Jesus, your ego is unbelievable.”

Brian nodded. “And deservedly so. But as I was saying, due to the factors I’ve already mentioned, it’s clear that you’ve had, as a conservative estimate, two to three thousand more orgasms than I have during our many, many sexual encounters over the last ten years. And I think we need to even those numbers out.” He looked at Justin, and smiled his sweetest smile. “Don’t you?”

Justin looked at him for a long, long minute, and then very slowly blinked his eyes. And licked his lips. “What you’re saying,” he said carefully, “is that you’re going to come several times for each time you let me come until our numbers are more or less equal?”

Brian nodded happily. “Exactly.”

Justin folded his lips in, blinked again, and then nodded. “I can see what you’re saying, Brian. It all makes perfect sense. How can our relationship continue to grow and thrive unless it’s completely equal and balanced?”

Brian decided that had gone really well. He bent down and nibbled at the skin behind Justin’s ear, the spot that always made Justin crazy, and that tasted better than any other bit of skin on Justin’s body, at least above his waist. He felt the soft brush of Justin’s hair against his face, and took a deep breath of the smell that was Justin when he was impossibly turned on.

Justin’s hands were on Brian’s shoulders, lightly stroking. His whole body was relaxed. Brian started nuzzling across Justin’s throat. Maybe the edge of his jaw tasted even better than behind his ear.


“Hmmmm?” He kept nuzzling.

“I’m really glad we had this talk.”

“Mmmm.” Brian started on the place on Justin’s throat where his pulse was beating.

“Because I agree, we need to restore a state of equanimity to our sex life…”

Brian lifted his head and smiled.

Without any warning, Justin sat up, flicked the cock ring off his dick with one finger, and got his leg over Brian’s hip. “So, roll over.”
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[info]plasticine_star on September 24th, 2007 06:47 am (UTC)
I loved Brian's "restore fairness and equality to our relationship" campaign being shot down by ToppyJustin!
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xie_xie_xie: That is totally fucked[info]xie_xie_xie on October 3rd, 2007 01:58 am (UTC)
Yes, well, Brian has some serious nerve if you ask me. ;)
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