July 28th, 2010

[info]sentinelstar in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Luther and Joanie
What: The Aftermath
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: July 27th
Warnings: Crying, angst, heartstrings getting pulled hard enough to snap, and possibly swearing.

If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand? )

[info]sultana in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Joss, Oliver, Nina, and Sherri (and anyone who wants to join in)
What: Vampire Recovery Co.
Where: 205
When: Morning of the 27th
Warnings: Not much?

In which we pretend something non-Twilight related is here for the cut text. )

[info]sentinelstar in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Joanie and Luther
What: The Breakdown
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: July 27th/28th
Warnings: Angst, suicidal tendencies, mind-fuckery, and potential swearing.
Notes: Tissues. Bring them.

Will you stay strong as you promised? Cause I'm stranded and bare. )