June 23rd, 2010

[info]nobleblood in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Vlad {narrative}
What: Meeting Pavel Milyukov
Where: A village near the palace
When: The afternoon of Day 3
Warnings: None

better to die than live a coward )

[info]bellum_tempus in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Group Omega
What: Regroup.
Where: A wine shop, Paris, France.
When: July 17, 1789. (Day 4)
Warnings: None as yet!

It is July 17, and the scorned representatives from the Third Estate are coming together to declare themselves a National Assembly. Spirits are high in Paris despite growing fears of foreign invasion in the countryside and the horrific violence of the days previous. The King has come to the city, and he still enjoys popular support and respect since he has come to accept the tricolour and all it represents. It is dangerous to be in the city without a tricolour cockade on your hat or cap. The aristocrats in the city talk among themselves of plans to leave the country, though some are supportive of the new shift in power and have friends and allies among the other Estates. Secretly, King Louis and his supporters have hopes of foreign support for absolute monarchy abroad, but so far the rest of the world has yet to react to the revolution with more than stunned stares.

At the small wineshop owned by an ailing old woman and her daughter, Marie, residents of Bellum Letale are regrouping. Small teams have gone out to search the city for more residents and supplies while those left behind take the opportunity to discuss what has happened and how to reverse it. As the day wears on, the headaches and nausea that was symptomatic of the first time jump returns in isolated waves, apparently at random among the residents.

[info]vespertine in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Lily & Open to anyone in Group Xi not preoccupied elsewhere.
What: Time to rest that weary head of hers in her new apartment. Oh wait, no it isn't. Surprise, you're actually in a Russian village. P.S., it's really cold.
Where: The village in which Georgy Lvov and Pavel Milyukov are scouting for volunteers to participate in the formal dinner.
When: The morning of Day 3. March 20, 1917.

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[info]acatalyst in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Micah and Iris (completed log)
What: One of these days, Micah is going to get over this woman.
Where: The wine shop, France
When: Day 3
Warnings: None

The wine shop was a little cleaner than the rest of the city, but not by much. )

[info]nineteen_stars in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Trenton and Isobel
What: Being mistaken for famous is hard work.
Where: All around Chicago
When: Day 3
Warnings: Uhm. It's Trenton and Isobel. Isn't that warning enough?
Notes: None at the moment.

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[info]old_fashioned in [info]bellumlogs

WHO: Helena (with appearances from Darcy, Anastasia Romanov and Grand Duke Michael)
WHAT: Narrative, or Where in Time is Helena Kelly?
WHERE: Here and there and everywhere
WHEN: Days 1 – 3; so much catching up to do!

Her luck had quite literally run out on her. )

[info]tooth_fairy in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Brian and the wonderful people inside his head
What: Operation Sunburn (i.e. why Brian could dominate fmylife.com)
Where: The Sahara Desert
When: Midday on July 17, 1789
Warnings: Whining and some mild language.

Murphy's Law had seemed to hold a grudge against Brian. )