June 21st, 2010

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Who: Nina and Sherri
What: Operation Damsel
Where: Around Paris
When: Morning, July 15, 1789 (Day 2)
Warnings: Updated as needed

she had woken up to an entirely different Paris )

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Group Omega Plot Update #2

Adventures in French Revolutionary Paris continue. For event sign-ups and questions, return to the original OOC post.

[OOC: Tuesday, June 22 - Wednesday, June 23]
Day 4.
July 17, 1789, a wineshop in Paris... and various times and locations.
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[OOC: Thursday, June 24 - Friday June 24]
Day 5.
July 18, 1789, a wineshop in Paris.
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So. We've had a raid, some fighting, and some licking of the innocent local flora and fauna, we've had some crazy times in jail. Now it's time to move onto the main event - what, you didn't think I named it the St. Valentine's Day Massacre for no reason, did you?

We're slowing down a lot this week because of the amount of stuff that needs to happen on Day 3. So for our group, Tuesday-Wednesday will be one IC day - Day 3, to be precise.

WARNING: Some of the pictured linked in this post are gory and NSFW, but they're linked, so it's safe to read. :D


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Group Xi Plot Post Day 3/4

By now, our travelers should be fed, warm and somewhat familiar with their surroundings and with the local people. Unfortunately, their very presence has altered the timeline.

The four locals that Vlad and Ella accosted for their clothing included a woman named Anna Demidova, a lady-in-waiting to the Empress, who had been sent into the crowd to spy for the Romanov family. She's run back to the palace with tales of witches, and the Empress believes they have been sent by her darling, dead Rasputin, and she's trying desperately to find them (Vlad particularly, who she thinks is the Mad Monk himself). There's also talk of a Beast in the woods (and, mistakenly, in the stables), and plans are brewing in the village to go hunt the creature down. The young Tsarevich was overheard telling his sisters that three men (Daniel, Vlad and Luther) were going to save them. Others in the group are feeling the effects of the weather, and Rosalie and Will are feverish and unwell.

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Day 4 - OOC: Thursday, June 24 - Friday, June 25 )

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Who: Oliver and Will.
What: Well royal kitchens don't tend to themselves!
Where: The palace kitchen.
When: Post clothes gathering and temporarily hiding out.
Warnings: Will swears. Unless either of them decide to knife a random worker it shan't be any harsher than that.
Notes: Since it says "kitchen/dining workers" they may randomly appear on the floor from time to time depending on the angry French yelling. Just a heads up for anyone who will be in the dining area on the second night.

He snuck away, boots and all outside into the bitter cold. )