May 15th, 2010

[info]withinastory in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Sherri and Joss
What: The Reunion
Where: The entrance to the lobby
When: Early afternoon
Warnings: Most likely a lot of squealing.

It came as a surprise... )

[info]nobleblood in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Vlad and William
What: Another neighborhood watch adventure
Where: Around the building
When: Backdated to before all the locking-up-Shane shenanigans
Warnings: None?

[info]dwagonslayer in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Lotte and Diego
What: Ice cream! Also goodbyes.
Where: The lobby, then an ice cream shop.
When: 4:00 today
Warnings: Sadness.

I'm leaving on a jet plane - don't know when I'll be back again. )

[info]onestepcloser in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Derek and John And Milo
What: Meetings and Dealmaking
Where: First floor hallway and 107
When: Twenty minutes or so after this
Warnings: Swearing

The only things babies are good for are shit and tears. )