April 16th, 2010

[info]bookshelved in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Ella
What: A narrative
Where: The Publishing House
When: After this and this.
Warnings: None

She'd had a rough morning )

[info]nylonghorn in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Pete and Lena
Where: 1104
When: Friday Morning
What: The Talk...I'm quoting Boyz II Men in my Cut tag, it must be a bad day!
Warnings: If anyone is vanilla while talking about the end of a marriage it's these two

Now that we've come to the end of the road )

[info]never_old in [info]bellumlogs

Who: The Hollis Family (aw)
Where: 1202 to wherever they go
When: Friday evening
What: They have to have a Talk too.
Warnings: Evie's angry, Jack's a jerk, and Nick is awkward. Usual Hollis!

Family bonding at any means necessary )