February 25th, 2010

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Who: Hannah
What: Finding out Emery is gone & the aftermath
Where: 807 to start
When: Sometime this week, afternoon-ish. Vague timeline, yay.
Warnings: Someday I'll warn for excessive happiness, I swear.

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Who: Boyd
What: A narrative
Where: Caridad Safe House
When: Today
Warnings: Just the standard medical and owie ones

Safe places. )

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Vodka. Enough Said.

Who: Ed and KiKi
When: After this
Where: Starting out at 1107
What: Vodka for starters...
Warnings: See "what" above and speculate. Will update as needed.

Shaken. Stirred. Whatever. Just serve the damn drinks. )

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Who: Ella and Luther
What: Coffee
Where: Outside Bellum to start
When: The day after this
Warnings: None

In which two people become reacquainted )
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[info]noglass_slipper in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Hannah and Boyd
What: A chance meeting in group therapy
Where: Local charity hospital
When: After this and this
Warnings: Medical stuff, maybe?

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Who: Aaron & Vaughn.
What: Vaughn wants to know where her money is, and what exactly is going on in 104.
Where: 104.
When: Late afternoon?
Warnings: None? Cursing? TBA.
come now child, be a good little boy. )