June 2nd, 2010

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I don't know when you'll see this, depending on how the situation in the catacombs is going... but there are some things we need to figure out. It sounded so logical at the time but now This is the right thing to do, it has to be

First of all, the voting idea didn't go over as well as I thought. The idea of having eligible candidates give a reason as to why they should be on the trial came up, but in the end most of the people I spoke to preferred a more random choosing system; five names could be chosen at random and if any have a conflict of interest or a bias they can either step down or someone else can offer proof of why they can't be impartial. At this point I think forcing them to vote if they don't agree with the idea could make things worse.

Concerning the trial, I have some witnesses who've volunteered, as well as Dr. Archer in 102 who volunteered to test the hair found on the blanket Aaron was wrapped in. [...] Can you get your hands on it somehow? We'll also need two people to play the role of prosecution and defense. I've contacted the two people with legal experience and they've agreed to help, but not quite in that capacity.

And [...] punishment will have to be considered, if he is found guilty. I can't do this alone, it's impossible I really just want to say fuck it and and kick him out of the building

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[Posted Tuesday morning - I'm slow]

Fuck this building, I don't even know why I'm doing this If it wasn't for Lotte

I'm not getting locked up in the basement, so don't try it

Why the hell did I even come here in the first place

I know this is a rather hectic time, considering you've decided to set yourselves back a couple hundred years what's been going on lately, but I feel this is as good a time as any to to say this.

You're all aware that one of the fables within the building is the Phantom of the Opera, also known as Erik. I can't and won't deny that he is dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs during the full moon. Considering the audio posts used during the last one, some of you are likely aware that Erik's voice came from my apartment number.

So yes, he is my fable counterpart or whatever the hell you call it. It's come to my attention that Christine made a post during that night, however, claiming that Erik and I are the same. As I hope everyone realizes, we aren't our fables, and I'm certainly not him. I plan on doing my best to keep him away from people during subsequent full moons, but I thought I should say this publicly and let everyone know that Christine was misinformed. Not that I need to justify myself to you people None of you are in any position to judge

If any of you fucking show up at my door after this, it'll be the last thing you ever do

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We're all having dinner together Friday in 1203. 6pm.

No excuses.

jesus fucking christ i hate my LIFE

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From: chasingdragons@gmail.com
To: crkarsten@gmail.com
Subject: Hello from Peru!

Hello, Lotte!

I hope that you're doing well! I apologize for not e-mailing you sooner. I have been without access to any kind of wireless for quite some time. The jungle doesn't have a modem! But now I am able to access the internet, and I thought that I would show you something. I got one of those digital cameras that can take videos and the like. I can attach it to this e-mail so you can see it! You should watch it, it's very funny.

I should be going back home to Colombia in a few days. And then I am not sure where I go! Ah, but that is not so interesting. How have you been? I'm sure you are working very hard, like always! Make sure that you relax, okay? Your friend I met, the woman with the brown hair. James, I think? Tell her that I say she needs to take you out for fun sometimes! It is an order. I may not be a doctor, but I had a lovely conversation with a shaman just the other day and I'm sure he would agree with me that a little bit of happiness is the best medicine there is!

I hope to hear from you soon! Take care of yourself, and watch the video!

- Diego

Attached to the e-mail is a file named 'brkfst.wma.' )

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Locked to 906

Had I known that you were so If my presence is an inconvenience then I will kindly Griffin was right about


Your posts on the public forum concerning Bellum Letale's newly formed trial system were worrisome. Hooting and hollering will not obtain the results you want. Your expression of emotion only stacked the odds against your favor.

I would suggest that if you wish to work productively in your [...] companion's favor, you busy yourself with the details of the event. The library contains a number of books concerning law, I'm sure they could aid you in finding a reference point with which to argue his innocence.

- Dr. Archer