June 1st, 2010

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Locked to 1007

[After seeing this.]

What the hell I decide to take a nap and when I wake up everything's gone nuts

Are you okay?

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Locked to 905A.

The people are coming down with your furniture around six.

Why does my financial adviser keep sending me annoying emails?

I'm borrowing some of your books, I'll send them down when I'm done? [...] You need them now?

You want me to water the herbs in the kitchen or do they just [...] grow?
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Locked to 905A


Do you have a cell phone? It would be a lot more convenient than posting at you. Oh nevermind, I'll ask later.

[info]bookshelved in [info]bellumletale

Under the door of R1

[One ticket, slipped under the door of R1 for a First Tier box, which (if he checks) has no other seats available - the other three seats have also been purchased in his name.]

[No note, signature or additional information.]
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Locked to 706

Strange person I barely know,

Dear hermit man,


I don't think you remember me. I'm Joanie, the person that's been borrowing your Hebrew dictionary. I don't think I've thanked you recently, so thank you so much. It's just great.

But anyway, I just came upstairs from the catacombs. Micah's down there with Trenton. We set up a cell for him. He wanted me to tell you to write up a schedule with shifts for keeping an eye on him. The people he wants included are:


I forgot furniture down there for the person watching. If you want something, just ask.

- Joanie

[info]wickedwicker in [info]bellumletale

Phone Call to Luther


[info]withinastory in [info]bellumletale

Locked to 204

Ella said we should stop by her shop sometime, and it might be kind of nice to escape the building for a while right now, considering. What day would be good for you?

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locked to 1007

[A few hours after this]

Go find someone else.

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Locked to 906.

Hey Isobel, I'm Chris, we talked a little on a post of mine the other day. I saw some of the other tenants were pretty rough on you on the Jes Tribunal post last night, and I wanted to check that you were okay.