April 19th, 2010

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Locked to 706.

[A day or two after this.]

It's not for a job.

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Apartment #104. Get down here. Right now. I need your

I need your help.

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Locked to 1004 and 1007

Either of you seen Nick lately? He wasn't here when I got back and I know he's friends with you both.

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[Posted with a borrowed phone from ICU, after she's told there's a blonde woman outside waiting to see her]

[Locked to 505]




I need your help. Got a number I can ring?

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Locked to D1

Did Nick come up to visit you?

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[Phone call from Vlad to Daniel's cell, during this.]

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[let's say they move in and this is posted before Ella crawls through the lobby]

Um, hey everybody. I guess that posting on here is what everyone does? I haven't had a lot of time to read through anything on this forum, but I didn't want to not post something, if that's what people do when they move in.

So. I'm Tegan. And we're living on the first floor.


p.s. I'm going to need to find a job around here... anyone have any leads? Please? Anyone? Anything?

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just got back from gettin food

any1 kno y theres vines all over the lobby? theres also a trail of blood goin across the first floor. looks liek it gos down a few floors. just called the fbi my freind bob cops about it. goin to look down there if any1 wants to join.

and kids? protip: if u go down there without someone who can shoot a gun or defend you, ill kick ur asses from here til next year. dont do it. dont add to the blood. if ur relly interestd, i've got my phone. u can text me on my little cellphone thing.

[john posts his phone number]

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206, 706

[Locked to 206]

Stay out of the basement. Cops.

[Locked to 706]

Find some intel for me?

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Locked to 307

Locked to 307

Hey. So, I'm not entirely sure why I'm feeling compelled to air my dirty laundry, but I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Lena moved out. Or left me. Or both. I'm...Anyway, there are rumors here and there about who she's keeping company with. I don't know the gory details and right now I don't really want to know.

I just...With everyone talking about the full moon and everything that's coming our way, I will probably need your help. I realize that I can't control what Lena Kelly does or who she wants to spend her time with. But sooner or later she's going to be Mina Harker and she's going to need my help, and if I'm going to help her I'm going to need your help. If you want to stop by for coffee or a beer or something, maybe we can talk. I'm free all the time because I'm also unemployed.

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need doctor to catacombs like 2 hrs ago so serious come now follow the blood