April 14th, 2010

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multiple boxes left in the lobby of the building with a sign )

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Delivered to 703. )

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Christopher Kyle. I'm sorry to say I've not met a lot of people around here yet. The internet seems a lame way to do it, but the forum does seem pretty popular. So, hey, I'm Chris, hope to meet some more of you in person soon.

New York is amazing. It may not have the Blackhawks, but so far it's looking like that's one of it's few flaws. Another one being I can't find a place that sells a good pizza, and I'm craving deep-dish almost bad enough to buy gas and drive back to Chicago to get one. If someone could be good enough to save me another fourteen hour car journey and give me some recommendations more in the NYC area, I'd certainly appreciate it.

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Humor me...

With the possibility of strange occurrences happening in the next week, I think it would help if we rounded up a list of all practicing or scholarly medical professionals in the building, along with anyone who has first aid knowledge.

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I must admit, this is the first time I've ever seen an apartment building have their own forum. Quite useful. Unusual, but useful.

I've just moved in last week, so you'll have to pardon my ignorance about the goings on here. And to that fellow who tripped over the yowling creature I call Sylvie, I must apologise. I wish I could assure you that she meant no harm in tripping you up and causing that fall down the stairs, but honestly, I can't do that. She's a feisty little hellcat and enjoys being appeased with copious amounts of those treats that come in a can. What can I say. She's no gourmet.

But enough about my cat. I'm Oliver Van der Meer. Feel free to drop on by if you're ever inclined. I'd love to get to meet some of my neighbors.

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So we're all going to turn into lions and tigers and bears on the full moon? Someone's confusing their legendry.

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Well, isn't this just the darndest thing! Whenever I move somewhere new, I never get to talk to some of my neighbors, and now I can talk to all of ya'al! Fancy that! I near poked my nose in all these halls trying to get a good feel of the place, but don't mind me, sweet things, I'm just nosy Faith Turner.

Now, in an effort to make a great first impression, I made some cherry pie, so stop on by if you got the time! My pie's a blue ribbon winner, so you'll want a slice. Go to the room with all the boxes in front since I'm still in the process of moving in, don't mind my mess. ♥