April 9th, 2010

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it's been a long fucking week. beers? cole, you don't mind if i invite your friend ileana along, do you?

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hey, is this your 'friend' you mentioned? she's cute.

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boyd says i treat you like you're crazy. is that true?

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Are there any academics here? Or researchers or people who work at museums or libraries or things? Or who are really really really good at the internet? I need some research help. Not for, like, homework or anything, but for a personal project. Nothing serious -- well, it's serious for me -- but not, like, you know, cancer research or anything like that.

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Now that we're friends, what's the deal with this whole fucking biting thing. Am I vampire? You know how embarrassing that is? Everyone will think I'm hot for R Pat -- which I'm fucking not, ew, the man is a giant ball of unshowered -- or that I'm, like, stuck in the '80s.

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Uh Hi. I hope I'm not bothering you or anything, but I was wondering if you found out anything concerning the surveillance someone had set up? Being stalked by Hannibal Lecter isn't very comforting, and Are you sure it was a human liver? I mean did they rip it out of someone or

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Dinner, day after tomorrow, 8 pm at Joy Yee with Hook with Jack, so we can all tell him how wrong he is about everything altogether. He don't know, so I wouldn't go mentioning it to him.

Don't even think of telling me no, Nicky. I can be real demanding.

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Delivered Friday morning by a delivery service to 601, with note. )

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[Before this and this.]

Somebody kill you yet?

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I need to see some things on the forum. Will you do me a favor and give me a peek sometime?