January 8th, 2010

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TO: Daniel Webster (needapenname@netmail.com)
FROM: C. Davis (davisc@publishinghouse.net)
SUBJECT: Dreaming that sylvan peace )
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[After lying awake for an hour in her hospital bed thinking about her last forum conversation with Shane.]

[Locked to 601]

It goes without sayin that you can't replace killing things with doing other things I wouldn't approve of. If you need a list, I'll be happy to provide one, darlin, but there should be one that's real obvious.

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[Upon returning after this and this.]

Private to #905

Ella, I hope the rest of your evening was less of a trainwreck got better. The food was great--I never really got to tell you that--but we didn't really get a chance to talk and I regret that. Would you be interested in coming to my place for dinner one night soon? Let me know!

[info]bookshelved in [info]bellumletale

[Sent to 106 after this and left at the door of the uninhabited apartment]

An I'm Sorry bouquet.

On the included card: I'm sorry about dinner, perhaps an outing would be a better second meeting? I'm fairly sure I can manage to say the right things if there's background noise and it's too loud to hear my nosiness. - Ella