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Sorry! [November 15th | 2008]

Sorry I have been on hiatus for so long! but with school and work and everything,
but' i'll post as soon as i can

Is anyone still here? [November 12th | 2008]


Hey! [October 26th | 2008]

  hey, it's me again, Ashlee, with my third character. Her PB is Ashley Olsen, and she will be playing Mika Stone.

  Mika is cheerful, creative and perfectionist. She's the girl you want to go to for a pep talk, or someone to cheer you up.
 Mika is nice, and is good at holding back hateful emotions. But her weakness is love in general. She feels like she can't
 trust anyone with her heart, after all the recent heart-aches.
  Yet, Mika is very charming, and very persuasive, and also very tender to all those near and dear to her. She is looking for 
  a friendship, but isn't looking for a relationship (Yet)
      Comment for some plottage!

TOO LAZY TO POST IN MOD ACCOUNT [October 24th | 2008]

The game has opened! Feel free to post now! =]

[October 24th | 2008]

Hey all! I'm posting for my charries now since I won't be online, maybe for the week-end, so try and be patient if there's a slight delay ^_^

[October 21st | 2008]

As a "special request", the new game opening will be this Friday, October 24th! =]]

[October 20th | 2008]

Hi, I'm Marissa, with my character Lucy Dressler!Lucy is free-spirited, always loving to have fun. She is able to see both sides of the story, and is usually a very realistic person. She's energetic and friendly, but shy at first. She'll usualy warm up to someone, but until then maintains an enigmatic aura. And even after she becomes a best friend, she will still leave a magentic and impersonal impression.
However, her argumentive nature has no mercy; teenagers and adults alike have been victim of her honesty. Lucy is very opinionated, and is sometimes stubborn. She has a slight unpredictable streak. She is doubtful of herself and other's promises, but usually moves past those things.
Comment me if you want to plot!

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