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I ♥ Ed [Mar. 23rd, 2005|10:31 pm]
random Ed is hot icons...

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

~no credit necessary!
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Icons! Woo Hoo! [Mar. 23rd, 2005|04:43 pm]
I don't usually make icons of half naked women, but I loved this group of images. I think they turned out quite well. I also included another random icon that doesn't really fit in the group, but I loved the image and the quote. Also included in the post are the bases for each, please feel free to personalize anything you want. Credit is not necessary or requested, but I would love comments on what you're taking or what you like, or if you have any requests! Enjoy!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

more icons and bases! )

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text icons! [Mar. 9th, 2005|07:56 pm]
[Current Mood | good]

New icons! Lots of text, random quotes. The bases are from various places that I can't really remember, but they aren't mine. DON'T CREDIT ME! But I would like to know if you take any, please let me know which ones. Thanks a bunch!

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

more )
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new icons! [Mar. 6th, 2005|10:50 pm]
[Current Mood | satisfied]

random bunch of new icons! some of these are a little different than the icons I usually make, but I like them.

No Credit!

Image hosted by Image hosted by

icons! )
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new icons for a new journal! [Mar. 3rd, 2005|11:58 pm]
[Current Mood | tired]

insane journal exclusive icons!

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