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I had a roommate. Pansy Parkinson. But.. I don't see her. Maybe she was at the store for supplies? But haven't heard back yet. I was planning to ask her some things. About home. One good thing about being here, doesn't seem to be a war.


Isn't this a quaint little town.


Can I just say that I don't like running through the woods here. They're a little on the creep side. Could be because they're not the ones from home but


Um, hello?

Am I doing this right?


I really miss my dad. Could do with some sort of distraction. Anyone up to being a distraction?


I don't understand the purpose of this.


I really don't like it here. School is out of my comfort zone and I really want to go home. I miss my father and I hate being alone even though I have friends..


I hate school. All this homework is giving me a headache.


I need something to do or I'm going to lose my damn mind!

Any ideas on what there is to do in this town?


I don't like it here. I want to go home. I hate being stuck in a place where I have no idea what I am doing. Even worse I don't know anything about this thing called technology.

Be really nice if I couldn't hear everyone's thoughts. The normal ways of fixing that is not working. I'm going to black out if I don't find a way to shut them off...


Since it seems I'll be stuck here a while, I suppose I could make myself useful. And it would be nice to earn some money. Had a whole company to my name at home, unfortunate that a branch of it isn't here So, I've been giving some thought to jobs.

Could do alright as a clerk in any number of stores, like the video store, or bowling alley, or whatever else has one. But I am also quite good with animals, so perhaps I should try the clinic? I'm pretty good with dogs, had a couple of my own before too. Cats not so much, though. But most other pet species, I would be alright with.


Hair's a bit weird. Chin is too. Teeth, mouth, ears, eyes, nose...Good. Have all of them.

So, Beacon Hills. Got to say, seems kind of...boring. Course, nothing's boring now that I'm here. Oh. Oh is that my voice?! I guess it could've been worse.

Quick, someone tell me. Am I ginger?


Ah, home sweet home. Feels weird to be back after almost five years, yet good at the same time.


I still do not understand my purpose in this place.

Brothers? Are you about?


Uh, ok. So were doing teleporting now?

Tony? Nat?

You guys?


I like it here!Esploring is fun! I saw a kitty, and it let me pet it too!


Well, It's almost comforting to know only a few things have changed, at least.

This still isn't right and I'm going to get to the bottom of it


Whoever did this, better fix it.

Right now!


Hello to all the new people.


Oh my god. Oh my god.... Um, was visiting my Uncle and um holy crap. I'm kinda freaking out.... I think... I think he.... Oh my god... I need to breathe....

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