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[30 Jan 2022|12:28am]

hey, [info]bays! it’s your russian hot mess/dumpster fire with an identity crisis, trying this again after a few months of unexpected rl crazy. <3

natalia watson has finally returned to the frontlines, sans one redheaded widow, from an extended quiet period of grieving, healing, and countless unmentionables. she’s 32 now, temporarily living back at home with her parental units (for the final time) and working the desk at the law firm (also for the final time) while she reestablishes herself. talia’s retained her memories of her time with natasha, so the shifting game? she’s well in the know (with the bullet scar and dead fiancé to prove it), but she’s settled into existing as a normal civilian so it seems appropriate that the universe would give her, as a homecoming gift, a new gravelly voice in her head: yelena belova.

talia is open/in need of all of the things — old friends, new friends, roomies, love and/or hate. omicron got me feeling like a fairy godmother, so bring me all your line wishes, lovelies.
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[11 Jan 2022|09:35pm]

all right, my favorite specimens to create fabulous lines with, this creeper is back. a different face and slightly different occupation. i am not sure if his old lines are still needed, i haven't heard anything back from them so until then...here comes gregory buchanan with the cv penguin from dc. he still has two clubs, one in NYC called the rogue. a blues and jazz bar with slightly shady activities behind it. the one in san francisco is called the birds. a strip club with limited access, mainly the higher income individuals (he gets better blackmail). he has to have leverage to keep some activities flowing underneath the building, secret tunnels and sewer access. the man is a profitable drug and arms dealer. his father owns multiple restaurants, a couple michelin star. his mother is a retired model who inspired him to stay true to his asian roots (swedish/japanese background from his mother).

old or new, i am ready for it all.
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[26 Nov 2021|09:27pm]

Rami has been in this place for quite some time but i am going to be removing her Kate Beckinsale pb and replacing it with Gal Gadot. Plus this wicked winter queen is slowly becoming known with last months little attack against csa agents. The little incident made her stay out of the radar which caused her to back out of a fight. Since I had to change her age, the woman is still doing MMA with holly holm credits. Of course, she does training on the side and rocks out fashion on the outside, love her shapeshifting abilities.

Her lines are mainly [info]stresstest, [info]winded, [info]dead, and [info]pathy. Lola is her confidant and rock, sista from another motha, everything. Molly is her villainous companion and has helped her learn her telepathic ability throughout the year. Beau is her angel and devil, light and dark, will do anything for, and made her become very fond of cats. Edie is her wicked business buddy. I know I have more, but those are her main.

Update about her past, and I will be done. I should have done a cut. I am lazy with coding. She is German/Israeli. Her father was in politics (she killed him). Her uncle trained her to be a weapon (she killed him). Her mother knows everything as soon as her uncle passed. so it has been fun. trying to figure out what her mother wants to do since the csa "rescued" her from her entrapment. rami will never stray away from her assassinating background, she is too far down that wonderland to resurface.

And I believe that is it, now to threading and watching Hawkeye.
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[26 Nov 2021|09:53am]
After... (counts on fingers, still doesn't know and can't do math anyway) so many years, I'm making some hard changes to Joseph. He's still a former pilot, still Mr. Moneybags, still married to [info]musubi, and remembers everything about his life as Warren Worthington III - all that to say nothing about his AU existence is changing - but he'll be waking up next CV week not as Angel, but everyone's favorite space ace, Peter Quill.

This is a cut for sanity... )

All that said, his lines can still remain intact as is since only the CV is changing, but I figure I'll use this shot to refresh as needed. As mentioned, he's Mr. Dr. Supergirl and the Saylor-Warren couple is coming up on their first year anniversary in December. He's got connections with a whole bunch of people in varying capacities, including [info]dead, [info]pathy, [info]winded, [info]nightly, [info]totality, [info]stresstest, and [info]yeongjae and, yes, I am probably forgetting people. If we don't have something, lets make some magic!
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[24 Nov 2021|05:21pm]

i just can't quit you, [info]comicbooks. not me trying to get this application in before friendsgiving but hello, i'm hoping to bring back this little dumpster fire of a human. he's edie's little half-brother and thorn in everyone's side, quincy. he's back from another "retreat" in europe and goddamn it, sobriety is going to stick this time or else daddy won't pay for another retreat. he "works" for edie and spends a lot of time furniture shopping on the clock. he's got questionable morals at best but isn't technically evil, just self-serving. he's always up for a fun time, loves to poke fun but doesn't take getting poked back very well, unfortunately. he could use new friends, people to party with or people he partied with in the past, other rich kids to maybe? get better with? who knows. and all of his old lines from before who want to rekindle something, hit me up!
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