Baaaby Animals!

May 26th, 2008

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Baaaby Animals


May 26th, 2008


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Limulus or horeshoecrabs are an old species, though they are called crabs, they aren't, they are closer to scorpions and spiders.
they can be kept in an aquarium, happy feeding them and see their legs work ;)
and don't worry, those strange animals can survive a bit oputside of the water, in fact, they mate at the shores.

Another interesting fact, they have blue blood.


Baby horses

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Here are some random pictures of baby horses from my brother's ranch, Bar JJ Ranch, taken over the past few years.

baby horse

and four more )


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I bring you the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, a blog following the daily lives of foster kittens in Tacoma, WA - tons of awwww-inspiring photos, some videos, and lots of stories.


First night away from home

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“Can I just wait right here? My mum might call me.”

(This, like most of my other photos, is available on Redbubble.)

Various puppies and kittens

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Here are some pictures of three of my cats as kittens. They're the only ones I had since they were kittens, the others were close to adults (or they were adults) when I got them. Sorry the pictures aren't great. My digital camera doesn't take the best pictures. XD

Kittens! )
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