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29th October 2008

Masterlist of Fanworks

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This is going to be a masterlist of Silver Diamond fanfiction and art that will hopefully grow with time. You are all welcome to help - if you happen to stumble upon something just leave a comment with a link and I'll edit this post.

Master List of Fanworks )

Note: This is not a rec list, simply a master list of all Silver Diamond fanworks I could find.

2nd October 2008


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One day this body will reach its limit. And when that happens, you must cut my chest open, reach inside, and grab my heart. When you do that, I'll be able to go on living.

Welcome to [info]ayame_sanome, a Silver Diamond fan community. I hope this will kick off some day but everything on IJ takes its time.

You are welcome to join and start posting, and if you want to help promoting this community, copy and paste the following code to your journal:

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