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Monday, September 29th, 2008

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    Morning all,

    How's everyone? All geared up for a week of AWDT madness?

    *snort* Give any of you guys a heart attack? Think you missed some special fest-y type deal we're running?

    Obviously I am in a veritable mood. Small children and obnoxious boys had better watch out because I am smoking. *feral grin*

    On to more interesting things... We don't have rules much here - neither Ali nor myself are terribly good with them, but I'd like to ask that if you're writing NC-17 fic for the prompts here and normally lock NC-17 fic, that you post the fic here too, rather than just a link back to your journal. I have no problems locking NC-17 fic to this journal if that's what you'd like, but it feels stupid linking members here to a fic written for the prompts at this community if they can't access it.

    Thank you all muchly.

    And because I was asked where the tally was (or had it screamed at me! ;) *smooshes* ) here it is back again, all updated and everything.


    Harry/Draco 153
    Everyone Else 102


    [info] ebethfic wrote Recovery Harry and Draco, but not H/D
    [info] violetage wrote Two of Wands H/D
    [info] jamie2109 wrote Did you think I would leave you…? Part 39. AS/S
    [info] enchanted-jae wrote Arousing to the Touch H/D
    [info] chaeldub wrote The Other Guy Seamus, Neville


    "But it didn't have anything to do with sexy."

    (from Virtual Light, by William Gibson, p.209.)

    Have fun!

    [info]jamie2109 and [info]nocturnali

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