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This asylum is dedicated to asylum promotion. It is important to list your asylum, tell a little about it, and a link is always nice. Happy searching and posting!

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Summerview Park

Summerview Park is an Austen-verse AU combined with Bridgerton books/show set in a magical manor where characters from all the book/show universes come together to find a suitable marriage. And they MUST marry, or they cannot leave the manor grounds. The mysterious Lady Whistledown has invited you, and she knows all, and her gossip pages share it all too-be careful, or you might find yourself in them!

Austen canon characters, Bridgerton characters and OCs welcome, Game now open and Bridgerton characters now open for holds with some fun plots coming up involving them!! Most wanted: Emma Woodhouse, John Willoughby, Mary and Kitty Bennet, Henry Tilney, Jane Fairfax, Fanny Price, and all Bridgerton characters!!!

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