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Cross posting... [25 Apr 2016|03:01am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

If anyone is familiar with Clarice Ferguson, aka Blink from the X-Men comics, I'd love to play her in a PSL against other X-Men and/or Marvel (or even DC) characters. Open to het or femme, leaning toward the latter.

Some ideas can be found here, but I'm open to brainstorming!

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first official ad? nice! [20 Oct 2015|10:21am]

Hank was brought to present-day from the Sixties by his present-day self and is having trouble making sense of the world in his time displacement. Looking for some Marvel universe men to help make the transition smoother.

Looking for a PSL, or making it a group effort with some of the young heroes of now acting as a welcoming committee for the time displaced original X-Men. Universe designation doesn't really matter to me, I tend to cherrypick from multiple canons either way.
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admin note [19 Oct 2015|12:00am]

Just saying hey, guys! Really hoping this takes off as a fairly specific kind of ad community that will hopefully yield better results for you as far as what you're looking for. I know it's kind of hard to get a good thing going with writers you enjoy and are compatible with. Maybe this will help! Tell your friends, your writing buddies, your circles, your communities. I want to connect everyone who loves comics as much as I do.

I've got nothing just yet to pimp for myself but in the meantime, help me think up a couple more interests for the community profile. What kind of comics do you like? What are your favorite titles? Who are your favorite characters?
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