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Who: Faith and Jolan
What: Getting to know each other better
Where:The Streets of town
When:This afternoon
Status: Closed and ongoing
Rating: At least PG - it's Faith

Jolan wanted to do something outside of work. Faith wandered if this were a date, or if they were just hanging out. Either would be fine. She was bored. All she did was work, go home, patroll, sleep and then wHork again. Work was fullfilling, and the chase of the artifact was a lot like slaying. You never knew what you were going to get.

The dark slayer took care as she picked out the perfect outfit. Faith knew when she looked good, and damn she looked good. Maybe it did matter to her what he thought. She headed out the familiar walk to the warehouse. She arrived there early and went into talk to the crew on shift, she didn't want to miss any cool artifact that came in since she left work.

Work, Faith blinked. How did that ever happen that she was working? She shook her head, long mane swinging to and fro. She looked around checking things out around the Warhouse. Briefly, she flirted with the crew, said her goodbyes and went out to meet Jolan.


Who: Jolan Thorgalson
Open to: Faith Lehane
When: 10am, the morning after this.
Where: his workplace
What: Starting his new job
Rating: tbd

Jolan made his way up to the place the papers indicated. He still didn't know what the job entailed precisely. But he just had trouble sitting still. He needed to do something. And this at least seemed exciting.

He had no clue what to expect. Both Faith and Claudia hadn't told him much. But he had been given the job, so that was at least something.


Who: Jolan Thorgalson
Open to: Claudia Donovan
When: Afternoon
Where: A woody place whete he thinks no one will see him
What: Practicing
Rating: tbd

Keeping in shape )


Who: Faith and Terri
What:The Angel of Death visits Faith
Where: Around the town
When: Midnight Sunday Night
Status: Closed and ongoing
Rating: Language, hey it's Faith

The Choice )


Who: Faith and Claudia
What: To Discuss Business
Where: Warehouse 13
When: Mid-morning
Status: Closed and ongoing
Rating: Language

Breeze in her hair, she felt alive. Going past the speed limit, she revved the bike up even higher. Faith loved having power between her legs. It took as long to kill a gazer demon as it did to get to Warehouse 13.

Swinging one leg over the bike, she slid off. Putting her helmet on the hog, she smoothed her hair, walked up to the door and knocked.


Who: Lois Lane&Clark Kent
What: Her arrival and looking for Clark
Where: somewhere in Arcane City
When: evening?
Why: Lois is having a bad day
Rating: PG 13 for now
Open: only to those mentioned

today is just getting worse )


Who: Riley,Maya and Farkle,& open to Lucas and Zay
What: Meeting for food
Where: Cafe
When: 20 minutes after this
Status: Ongoing
Rating: Family friendly

Twenty minutes later, Riley walked into the cafe in the Macy's annex and took her seat on the sofa by the wall. Ithe had been a week since she had seen any of her friends from back home and, although the Gordon, with whom she had been staying, had been good to her, and their kids had helped take her mind off things, they were no substitute for her own parents or her best friend. So when Maya and Farkle had arrived and decided to meet for food, she had naturally gotten excited and dressed so eagerly that without thinking, she had tried to pull her jeans on over her head for ten minutes before Dax took pity on her and stepped in to help.

When the waitress came over, Riley ordered a glass of Cola and sat back to wait for her friends.


Who: Claudia and Faith
What: Recruiting
Where: Faith's house, and later Warehouse 13
When: A week after arrival
Status: Closed and ongoing
Rating: Possibility of mild language

Claudia had been in this new world for several days, but had chosen to keep her arrival quiet and scope out the lay of the land for herself. She very quickly learned that her new home existed withinot a time bubble, and that although she very clearly lived in a cave, her new environment seemed to reflect what was happening outside the cave. Night and day, sun and rain, it all seemed to occur just as readily inside the cave as it would in the outside world.

It didn't take her long to discover that whatever artifact had brought her to this world had brought Warehouse 13 with her. Complete with all the artifacts that had been contained within the Warehouse when it and she had been brought here. The only thing that seemed to be missing was the Warehouse's former agents. Which meant that she would need to find new agents to run the Warehouse, and soon.

A few days later, she began observing a potential new senior agent who went by the name of Faith. Faith seemed to be possessed of heightened strength and speed, great fighting skills, and unusually fast healing capacity. She also seemed confident and unafraid to speak her mind & challenge what she was told by people who in some cases were older and more superior to her.

After several days of observation,Claudia decided that Faith would be a perfect new senior agent. Someone who would do whatever it took to secure whatever artifacts existed in this world, even if it meant disobeying orders or acting without orders. So, in a nod to her predecessors strange ways, she gained access to Faith's darkened home and waited for the young lady to return home.


Who: Cormac and Faith
What: drinking and talking
Where: a bar
When: after this
Status: Ongoing
Rating: tbd

Going out for a drink with a friend. )

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