01 August 2011 @ 03:01 am
who: fina & ramirez

Fina was sitting in the room for once, she had brought some equipment with the help from Cupil. The time she had been taking to do what she was doing was time consuming and finally, during the night she took a little time to herself and decided to take a nap. For what seemed like weeks, she'd been taking care of Ramirez who responded to nearly nothing. The nights of sleepless worry and the lack of sleep she'd been getting since she slept half hung over his bed.

The night that she had fallen asleep, the dull hum of the machines is what did it and just like every night before, Fina had either her hand holding his in both of hers for hope or her arm over his chest. Tonight, her hands held onto his.
26 July 2011 @ 05:01 am
who: fina/aika/vyse/ramirez
where: soltis
when: after weeks of strange happens on soltis, she convinces vyse to check it out when cupil starts acting up.

It took a few hours to fly from Salior's Island back to Soltis, Fina was nervous about what it may be as she thought it must be some kind malfunctioning cyborg or something going haywire in the control panel from foliage or something. When they landed, the trio went in together and when it came time to split up they agreed to meet back in an hour. Fina, however, was not entirely happy being alone as she was never good with handling things completely by herself physically.

In the hour, she spent looking around for the problem, she knew where the panel was but she checked other areas and eventually, she saw a light coming from a room. Of course, she'd be the one to find the problem and instead or rushing to find Vyse in nativity of curiosity getting her in the end, she stopped in front of the door. Once she paused by the door for a pregnant moment, she opened it and saw a man laying there in silence on a incubator that was used often to help with those that were ill or sick for extended periods of time; the infirmary. A deepened sigh passed her lips and she with widened green eyes approached the incubator, she put her hands on it and it opened immediately revealing Ramirez.

Unconscious, but alive.

The realization caused her legs to buckle and she dropped by the bedside, she was with him for the first time since a year ago when they were fighting. The two had never been able to speak alone and now there he was, all to herself but he looked half dead. Her first thought was that she should end whatever his suffering is now and stop the threat at where it was, but something stopped her. He wasn't hurting anybody, could he even move?

Inside of herself, Fina was a little girl sometimes around Ramirez. Those feelings were extreme to her, more so because this connection with him was made when she was very young. For half an hour, she spent sitting there thinking of what to do.

Tell Vyse? No. Vyse would want to kill him before he could rise to power. Fina wanted to help him, maybe change him and she could only do that by lying. She had to make a real lie happen so she wouldn't lie for real. Leaving abruptly, she shut the lights down and closed the door, locking it. Walking into the control panel of this area, she bent down and started tugging wires that would cause things to malfunction on purpose and she moved away.

Once she was finished, it was time to meet up and she ran back. Fina was just in time to see Vyse and Aika return, looking bewildered.
02 February 2011 @ 05:21 pm
Who: Fina/Ramirez
Where: Valua and then Ramirez' ship.

Staying in the luxurious confined quarters did little to lift her spirits, she couldn't leave and she'd been hungry for a while but would refuse food if it was given to her. All she could do was stare outside and ache for whatever freedom laid beyond the walls of her room and the sky beyond the grey and sparking clouds. Unsettled with the facts at hand, a heavy sighed passed Fina's feminine lips and she put hers hands on the window, feeling no warmth whatsoever. It was starting to sink in that she was not going to be able to leave on her own, considering that she was alone in the room, tears fell from her eyes.

She was a failure, she failed the Elders.

Her crying was just enough to get Cupil to react to this and he unwrapped himself from her bracelet, trying to coo and comfort her by floating upside down in a comical way that she always had found funny. This caused her to crack a smile, she still had Cupil by her side and he couldn't leave her even if someone wanted them to part. Gaining a distraction, she put her hands on Cupil and played with him for about an hour by tossing an spinning him around.

That was what they did until a man came in with tea and a Valuan dish consisting of vegetables, meats and some cheeses. A glass of regular juice had been brought and it was set on the bed for her. "Your dinner, Miss." said what she assumed to be someone working there as he left and the door was locked again. Sigh.

Sitting down next to the food, she didn't want to eat because she wanted to be difficult, but she'd been without food for a few days now and her instinct came in to do exactly that - eat. Fina poked at the food here and there, but she eventually finished part of it before she started feeling funny. The feeling came and went until she was drinking some of the juice and she dropped the glass in the tray and she fell back onto the bed unconscious.

The men who came in to pick her up an hour later transferred her into a bedroom on Ramirez' ship and left her there with guards outside if for nothing else than to keep her inside of the room.
20 December 2010 @ 08:40 pm
who: fina/rami
where: valua meeting room.

Fina was sitting in Galcian's chair for a long time, her mind was reliving her losses and how she' been captured and given special treatment when others were being treated harshly. Her eyes were lowered, feeling defeated and frightened of what might happen when she met up with the Empress again or if she'd get the chance to explain herself. The blonde looked at her hands, folded directly on the table as she felt a misty feeling coming over her eyes.

A delicate hand moved to wipe away the tears that were there. Fina couldn't sit down anymore, she needed to walk around. Her hands pressed against the table and she moved her slender frame from the chair and turned around to go to the gigantic bay window with elegant blood-soaked curtains hanging near the sides, slightly pulled back. Her eyes raised to look out, she saw nothing but gloom, clouds and nothing that seemed to indicate that there was anything bright about her situation.

The blonde looked down towards the lower sky, a deep sigh passed through her lips as she noticed the lightning jumping and thunder clapping. How long would it be until her execution? Fina half wished that she'd never come. Her arms criss-crossed over her chest, each hand on the opposite shoulder as if trying to comfort herself but in reality Valua was not warm and there was no sun shining down. The gloomy landscape made her slightly gloomy.
29 October 2009 @ 11:40 pm
who; fina/rami
where; the monoceros brig.

She remembered little of what happened on the elevator, there was her trying to stand her ground but once the adrenaline wore off, she was not able to stand and went unconscious shortly after. While she rested, she felt a slight swinging motion of a hammock to keep her partially relaxed. It had been two days that she had slept, she was at ease and her body needed the break for some extent.

The thing that woke her up wasn't the sound of the hammock or anything conventional but the pipes had made a loud noise. The sound was so loud that she opened her her eyes immediately and fell onto the ground from her suddenly pouncing around in the hammock. The hard thud made her groan, feeling a wetness soaking the back of her dress and furthering dirtying herself.

Fina used one of her spells and healed some of her wounds, her sore body finally got up. She looked around for a way out and left through the door, some soldiers around had seen her but not said anything to her at this point. She asked a soldiers where one was and they pointed her in the direction, she found the captain's quarters to see who might be the captain here.

She thought maybe it might be Alphonso.

Once she got to the door, she opened it and closed it with her body leaning against the back of it. Fina saw Ramirez there and she was suddenly a emotional mess, but this time there were no tears just silence. "....."
29 October 2009 @ 05:54 pm
who; fina/ramirez
where; inside soltis

Fina was standing there near Vyse, a serious look of determination on her face as she close to being able to use some of her own magic enough to help her team. It wasn't before she saw Ramirez walk past her and disappear, she herself felt various moves that felt like it might have been cutting her but she felt mostly fine. Her stomach was sick and she doubled over with one hand on her knee and her eyes turned towards her comrades.

The second she looked over, she saw that Aika and Gilder were no longer standing and seemed unconscious to an extent, but she knew better. Vyse was wobbling and she went to catch him but couldn't support his weight and her legs buckled beneath her as she held onto him. Taking a deep breath, she felt his hand on her head and spoke at a low volume, much too softly for anyone but her to hear.

"..Don't...gi--" Fina felt his hand go limp but she didn't let it go, she held it where it was.

Her priority was to attempt to revive them, if it was possible. "Moons..bathe us with your light.." She politely asked at a volume in which it could be heard, but nothing happened as far as retrieving the lives of her friends.

Unable to cope with the loss, instant tears fell from her face.
25 September 2009 @ 06:47 am
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