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Date: 2019-06-11 00:55
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Fornya RPG
The once prosperous land of Fornya has been invaded by violent barbarians. The Rabid, the last remnants of an irradiated group of mankind who survived the Great End, have struck at the heart of the clans, crippling their strongholds.

Only Enver remains.

Survivors of these heinous attacks on the clan lands are hiding within the old fortress city. For a week they mourned together, but with each passing day the tensions between them grow.

Suspicion, jealousy, intrigue, and fear are contagious.

How could the Rabid have orchestrated such a massive and coordinated siege on their own? Was there someone else behind it? Is there a traitor amongst the clans?

The Supra, academic maintainers of peace within the city walls, have been uncomfortably silent on the matter. Soon the food will have to be rationed. Provisions will need to be made. Excursions into the occupied territories undertaken. And someone will have to assume leadership.

Will the clans learn to work together? Or will they destroy each other before the Rabid reach their walls?

Fornya is an original character game set in a post-apocalyptic medieval dystopia,.This game is character and thread driven, supported by both mod and player devised plot opportunities.

Wanted Roles: Ocean Leader, Desert Advisor, Desert/Grasslands/Ocean Clan Members, City Guard, Captain of the Guard, Citizens of Enver.

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