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Comment rot solved

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Comment rot solved

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I found the cause of comment rot. There was an old legacy setting that I didn't know what it did. It was among the last of the things to trace out in the code. I traced it out and found the offending code that was deleting comments and entry properties (status, userpic, etc) and removed it. Please let me know in THIS post if any NEW comment rot occurs after this post.

This has been a very very long and trying road and I want to thank all of you who have stuck it out here in spite of this major bug.

sub new_entry_cleanup_hack {
my ($u, $jitemid) = @_;

# sanitize input
$jitemid += 0;
return unless $jitemid;
my $ownerid = LJ::want_userid($u);
return unless $ownerid;

# delete logprops
$u->do("DELETE FROM logprop2 WHERE journalid=$ownerid AND jitemid=$jitemid");

# delete comments
my $ids = LJ::Talk::get_talk_data($u, 'L', $jitemid);
return unless ref $ids eq 'HASH' && %$ids;
my $list = join ',', map { $_+0 } keys %$ids;
$u->do("DELETE FROM talk2 WHERE journalid=$ownerid AND jtalkid IN ($list)");
$u->do("DELETE FROM talktext2 WHERE journalid=$ownerid AND jtalkid IN ($list)");
$u->do("DELETE FROM talkprop2 WHERE journalid=$ownerid AND jtalkid IN ($list)");

Edit: After looking at the code even more closely I am sure that this was the cause, I think we can call comment rot a closed issue. Now to getting to writing a mass icon uploader.
  • Congrats! I hope that that was it. :D
  • Here's hoping. You do an awesome job on this site, it continually amazes me.
  • !!!!

    I really hope this is it! Thank you! I am so excited!
  • Awesome!
    You really rock!

    Off to spread the news. :)
  • Mass Icon Uploader? That would be SO AWESOME! Thank you! I look forward to that!
  • I do hope this is finally it!!! Thanks so much for working on that. :D
  • Have we told you lately how awesome you are? Because you? Are fully awesome!
  • OI! Way to rock my world!
  • Thanks for all your hard work. Although I've never had a problem with comment rot, I'm happy to hear that it may be solved.
  • That's great! Thank you for the hard work. <3
  • As far as I know I wasn't affected, but yay for most likely figuring the problem out. I know how difficult it can be trying to find your way around code that was written by someone else (not to mention my own once a reasonable amount of time has passed)

  • YAY thank you squeaky!
  • Fantastic news, [info]squeaky! I hope you can enjoy a beautiful weekend and relax now *grin*
  • Oh snap! I hope this was it! Nice going Squeaky and thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work. As soon as I have a paying job again, I'd sincerely love to buy a paid accounts or donate to show all my appreciation.
  • This news makes me want to dance! Clothed, mind you.
  • Thank you so much for fixing this. I knew this day would come in time. :)
  • So totally not logged into my normal account, but this has happy face icons so YAY. But seriously, THANK YOU for everything that you've been doing. It is greatly appreciated
  • Three cheers for [info]squeaky!

    Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!

    HIP hip hooray!!!!

    Hip HIP hooray!!!!!!!
  • SQUEAKY. Thank you for being so amazing. I knew you would find the problem at some point.
  • Oh, fantastic! I really do hope this was the problem! I've been hit with comment rot a few times, which was terribly frustrating, but I'd gotten into the habit of keeping all my email notifications, too. So the comments weren't entirely lost.

    Thank you so SO much for all the hard work in tracking this down, Squeaky! My husband is a computer programmer as well and I've spent many days watching him pace and tear his hair out while he chases some god forsaken bug through his code. So I can understand how relieved you must be at finding it. I know he always is when he finally solves a frustrating issue.

    Thank you again! So glad this is solved! ♥♥♥
  • As someone who's lost a lot of comments on their entries because of this problem, I just wanted you to know how much it means to me, personally, that you put SO much hard work into this. I know it took a lot of time but you didn't give up and that's what makes us all want to buy paid accounts and bonus features on this site. You're very dedicated to your site and I, for one, am SO happy to hear this news! Go give yourself a pat on the back, squeaky! And you DO deserve the praise! Thank you for finally getting this fixed! I won't be so scared to go read old entries now. ;]
  • Thanks for doing this, Squeaky! We're lucky to have you :)
  • i have another account that's got over 1500 notifications on it and the notification page will never load when i try to go and delete some. it just takes me to a white screen. i'd like to be able to use the notification feature on that account but i think it's just got too many comments. if you've got a solution for that it would be wonderful. i'm sorry to comment off topic to this post.
  • Oh man, another chorus of THANKS for this. ♥
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