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Support volunteers needed

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Our support area has become quite busy. We are looking for anyone who has experience in technical support or support on a site run off of the LJ engine. I am willing to grant some support privs to several volunteers. And if you do become a regular in the support area we offer an upgraded "Orderly" account which offers many of the paid benefits as a thank you to our most loyal volunteers.

If you are interested, please join the [info]support asylum.

  • /me wonders why he isn't orderly :P but then realizes it may be because he was inactive in support for a few months
  • I'd support, but I don't think I'd be very good at it. Haha, but if you need anything else, especially graphic-wise, please let me know. :)
  • I really appreciate having this alternative open to me, and the welcome I've recieved. I'll do what I can to give back and help out.
  • hi from spike

    I'm not here for upgrades. I did submit a request to join support tho.
    I have xp with investigating serious incidents reports of alleged abuse in group homes and I was quite good at it.

    What I am good at is breaking info down into simple understandable parts for folks who really don't get it.
    I am also good at attention to details and stuff other ppl might not notice.

    So I will try it and see, if you will have me.
  • I've never volunteered in LJ support, but I've done other tech support and used LJ since 2001. If you're willing to take on someone who's not specifically done LJ support but has done support and has extensive experience using LJ and clone sites, I'd be more than happy to help out!
  • hi from spike

    Thanks for the approval Squeaky.
    I am going away for a week up to an island in Maine.
    Internet is not dependable there.
    I am reading through all the information in the various ij-related groups and I hope to be able to be an active member of support as soon as I have digested the info.

  • Ah, Surreal wasn't made one either before this post?

    I used to wonder why I wasn't, since I'd come in and poke around to make sure answers were still being approved and stuff. But I too was never made an orderly. Of course, I'm Permanently Insane so I don't know if being an Orderly would take those benefits away or not.
  • Support

    I did a little in LJ support, so I'll take a look to see if I can be of help.
  • I was a Support volunteer for LJ for 2 years (having reached I2 in both Styles and General/Unknown), so you may see me start poking around soon.
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