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Site Update

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We just flipped a switch that should force everything to SSL on the site from now on. This had previously caused an issue with the LJ Juggler plugin, but a new version just went out that should solve that. If you are having issue, please update your plugin to the latest version (5.2.0).

We are hoping that this, once and for all, solves the issue with getting logged out on the comments page.
  • Semagic

    Just this morning my Semagic stopped working on Insanejournal. Is this going to be permanent? Please say no. :/ Even if I change the port to 443, I still get the 'Cannot contact server' message.
    • Re: Semagic

      So here's a silly ass question from me: did you check the SSL box in semagic? I had to do that and change the port and Semagic now works for me. Hopefully this is helpful! :)
      • Re: Semagic

        Thank you Anriko, but yes I think I tried every permutation of checked and unchecked I could do, but still no luck. This is unfortunately also the way it is on DW for me, but Semagic works on DJ and LJ. Could be my OS is too old. I appreciate the suggestion though.
        • Re: Semagic

          I dont know why this would have broken Semagic. Maybe you need to update it?
          • Re: Semagic

            It is the latest version.
        • Re: Semagic

          Ok I got it working, it seems the SSL box likes to uncheck itself and you might need to do it multiple times. Also use "Secure Password"
          • Re: Semagic

            Thank you Squeaky, but I did all this. I'm pretty sure it's just my old machine and outdated browser. I can't upgrade as the machine won't accept it. But it's okay -- I can use the web interface. I'll survive. :)
  • The latest update for juggler does not appear to be available on firefox from what I can find.
    • Yeah, the Firefox version was last updated in 2019. Hopefully the devs have submitted the update and it's just Mozilla taking a while to approve it, but I'm not sure because the page on the addons 'store' says LJ Juggler is not actively monitored for security by Mozilla.
    • it's updated now!
  • Yeah....I'm on 5.2.0. I just uninstalled then reinstalled the add on and I got the following within the screenshot:

    Also when I imported the .json file onto the add-on and relogged into another random journal, it would log out of the site all together instead of switching to the intended journal I wanted to log into.

    Please look into this.
    • I'm getting the same error as well no matter what I try.
      • It's still doing it. I also tried the chrome browser's extension. Nothing.
        • It worked for me when I switched to chrome but nothing I tried could get it to work in Firefox.
          • That's odd. It was not working on Brave browser which is using the same coding as chrome, but it's working on chrome itself. I just tested it for myself. I wish it was working with firefox.
  • not sure if it's related at all but i'm trying to export one of my journals to dreamwidth but the import keeps failing even though the login is correct
  • okay I tried lj juggler on multiple browsers. It's not working on this site.
  • The website is still having error codes on mobile
  • just wondering if you've considered doing another purge? i'm sure it's a lot of work for you, but i know people usually stock up on renames when you announce them
    • We have been investigating a way to do it without purging content, rather just free up unused usernames with forced renames. That said we are still a ways off from being ready to announce anything like that.
      • As long as we get a chance to keep unused names. I have some that I'm waiting for the right game or psl to use that I've kept from other purges, I would not want to lose them.
        • This. Also, I have some that I removed all content from in hopes of starting completely fresh with them. So long as there's some way to explicitly mark a username as "nope, I still want this" so it doesn't get released for another person to grab, I'm cool with unwanted and abandoned empty accounts getting renamed.
          • I've done this as well, so definitely agree on that.

            I would rather a desirable un was unavailable forever than to lose a journal I haven't used yet or have deleted the content from and not used again.

            (off subject, I love your icons!)
      • awesome! thank you for letting me know. i look forward to seeing how this new kind of purge works out!
  • I'm sorry I bugged you on IJ about the Semagic thing, I totally missed this post. I had one of those "staring right at it and not seeing it" moments. Changing the port to 443 fixed the issue. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  • can you please fix the notification system, please? I haven't gotten any in over 24 hours and its getting tiredsome.
  • I still get logged out on the comments page 50% of the time.

    The site has been maddeningly slow all weekend (iPhone 12)

    Did the site get DDoS attacked again? Seems to be fine now!
  • Just out of curiosity, is this why the images from some sites no longer load on the site?
  • For some reason, my IJ inbox gives me 504 gateway error whenever I try to access it. It's got a relatively low page count compared to other journals I've had and it's frustrating not to be able to access it.
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