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Hey everyone. We've gotten some reports of issues with the site. We've restarted everything in hopes to resolve this. We haven't been able to duplicate this. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues and please provide some steps to duplicate.

  • myself and others have been experiencing tons of slow loading, about 75% of the time, especially while switching between journals, opening entries from the friends page (if it will load), certain pages won't load (notifications), etc.
  • I never got an alert for this entry, even though I have the community watched with email alerts enabled. But it did land in my IJ inbox, where I found it just now.

    Also still getting logged out at random times, and can't pinpoint why or when, but it definitely happens every time I leave the site for a few hours.
    • Well, when you’re not active on a site you do get logged out for inactivity.
      • There was zero need to be rude. There's this 'remember me' button on the login form which I use and normally sticks but isn't anymore.
        • could be a you issue, but not sure what it is. i've never used the remember me button when logging in and i never get logged out of my accounts. i know this doesn't really help fix your issue, but it might be a problem with your browser/settings instead of it being a site issue?

          have you updated the browser or switched to a new one since this problem has started?
          • Strangely, nothing has changed about my browsers between now and last time it worked well. I can't remember if the problem began before or after I had to change my home internet service to LTE, but that's basically the only factor that's different since at least three months ago.

            You did give me the idea to erase all cookies, log in again, and see if that helps, though. Here's hoping!
      • yikes don't be an asshole? the problem they're describing is what has been happening for a lot of people and was last addressed in the post directly under this one where squeaky is asking them to comment on and recreate the issue. maybe just don't comment next time?
  • i can't use ij when i'm mobile, period. i'm repeatedly told the page and server can't be connected until i get into an area with wifi. other devices that have lte capabilities like tablets won't work either unless they're connected to wifi
    • I've had that for a while. Sometimes it'll help if I toggle off wifi but generally it's a no go that way too lately.
    • I’m mobile and I’m not having an issue, so it might with your device?
  • It barely loads for me anymore on the first try, it took over 20 minutes of refreshing just to get to this. Half the time I get "Server Not Found" or "Problem Loading Page" - I've tried in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, disabling all my extensions and clearing my cookies/cache. I've also been on multiple secure wifi networks. Same errors.
  • PLEASE fix the slow loading on Mac/iPad/iPhone this is getting ridiculous. 😒
    • We have not been able to pinpoint a cause or reliably reproduce the issue.
      • it's something related to apple specific hardware because i've tried it on wifi, LTE, 5G, hotspot, and driving through the middle of nowhere. middle of nowhere produces the exact same slow load as home on stable wifi. windows laptop has no issues.
        • I use apple hardware and cannot reproduce the issue.
          • macbook pro 2020
            iphone 11
            ipad pro 2018
            imac 2014
            verizon wireless, at&t wifi

            my 18mbps rural connection can binge watch 4k netflix but can't load IJ properly on any of my apple devices, ugh! not your fault but it would be nice to know what's happening to the group of us experiencing this. chrome and safari.
          • Hi, Mac user and I can barely load the site at all. It times out about 60% of the time, so it's a constant battle of loading and reloading. This started about 3 weeks ago for me. My stats:

            MacBook Air
            macOS Big Sur Version 11.4
            I've used both Chrome and Safari and neither help the problem.
  • Hi Squeaky!
    I've got a couple notes from various people in my game at the moment.

    1. Big Sur 11.4 seems to be the common culprit for those on mac products experiencing issues. It's to the point the site is basically unusable for these players. Slow loading, if loading at all. All have tried to clear caches/history/cookies, have tried multiple browsers, have removed all extensions (sanity, ij juggler etc), and nothing seems to make any difference. We have walked through adding insanejournal to the trusted site lists. Nothing seems to make any difference. There is a mac user that has not updated to Big Sur 11.4 who does not experience the same issues, which might explain why you aren't able to replicate the issues if you're not updated to Big Sur 11.4.

    2. I, and a few others, are still getting randomly logged out when trying to delete comments or reply to comments at random intervals.

    3. IJ is currently unusable on my phone when not connected to wifi. It has always been a bit slow and buggy but now it will not load at all past the login page (and even that is at times not a go either).

    To be completely frank this is a huge issue and one that is sparking discussions of us as a group finding another platform to use. We don't want to as we have all paid quite a bit of money even in this last year to paid and permanent accounts and rename tokens. But the fact that quite a few players in our game can't actually access the journals is quickly becoming a turning point for us.

    If you'd like any more information about what we as a group are coming across I am happy to provide it. We don't want to leave IJ, we like the format and like I said some of us have put a lot of money into this site. But as it stands the site is unusable for several players and seems to be having more and more issues as of late for those of us it does work for (getting logged out, random outages, etc).
    • I am working on something that may or may not solve the issue. Unfortunately I really can't see what the issue is since I can't duplicate it.

      I am on Big Sur 11.4 and was seeing some issues before but they've gone away for me. I use both Chrome 91.0.4471.106 and Brave V1.26.67

      Make sure all of your bookmarks and links are update to https:// instead of http:// I worry that the redirection has something to do with the issue.
      • I do have someone who would be willing to screen share to show what happens for them if that would help to see the problem replicated?
        Bookmarks and links are updated to https
        • I made a significant change on our website front end. Let me know if this has improved things for you.
          • So far that seems to be working WAY better, I've also gone through some pages and clicked into journals/comms I know aren't cached while using data on my phone and MUCH speedier and actually loading.
  • Hi Squeaky,

    I suddenly seem to have started having issues with Juggler in the last half an hour. Instead of switching accounts, it's just logging me out instead.

    Currently using Firefox 89.0.1, and am on Windows not Mac. So, am wondering if you've just done something to the site that might have affected this. Also isn't working on Chrome version 91.0.4472.106.

    • WE did make a change to our load balancer to attempt to address some concerns users were having on the mac platforms.
      • Hi Squeaky, just to add on the juggler thing, I'm on a Mac, using Chrome and Juggler stopped working for me too. I'm pretty reliant on Juggler, can this be fixed?

        Just for information, prior to this IJ had been slow for me on my Mac for a few weeks now, but definitely functional. I've got the latest Big Sur update, which hadn't changed anything for me.
      • Is it something that can be fixed? It's just something a lot of people rely on when using the site.

      • Is there a way to fix it? Many of us utilize the LJ Juggler for RP purposes.
        • Ok I played with the extension and I think i see the issue. I need to reach out to the creator of this extension as forcing SSL is what is breaking it. For now it should work again.
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