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Hey everyone!

Just want to give an update to all in light of everything that we're going through. I'm sure a lot of you are out of work and we understand it. I've taken on some side work to help my community and earn some extra income to cover what we are losing due to all of this panic going on. We could use your support in keeping the lights on to take some load off of myself and my family during this, but we also recognize that you may be struggling yourself.

Thank you for always supporting us and here's to many more years of keeping ourselves sane while being a little crazy!

  • What's the best way to help squeaky? Patreon? something else?
    • Either Patreon or just purchasing items from the InsaneJornal store. Thanks!
  • I've kept my tiny Patreon contribution going, that's about all I can afford right now, but hopefully every wee bit helps!
    • Yay. I'm gonna do it this month too. I'm looking forward to it.
  • Stay safe and keep your hands washed. TY for all your hard work!
  • will there be a sale or anything to help raise money? i know i and others would spend money for perm accounts and such
    • In order to support a site, there shouldn't always be a sale. Spoiled users should indeed buy regardless. You don't have to do much, just 1-2 accounts would suffice per user or extra userpics.

      Buying perma accounts kinda fucks everything up, unless they're personal or cdj. Why? Because in order for a small site like insanejournal to thrive, it needs monetary support from users. People act like if he doesn't put up a sale, he's being unfair. He's not. Because he's constantly running the site, it's hard for him to have a normal job, which he might have.

      Point is, I understand, you want a sale, but please stop assuming there will be one unless it's holiday time.

      You know what sucks? I bought a shitton of journals and didn't even get to use them. I supported the site, and others did too. But some of you aren't, which is ...well, up to you. A lot of users were lost, it's not thriving except over on pbads which are all the same bored users as always with different journals.

      Sorry, man. We need more users, safer and kinder people who don't want to kick everyone off for speaking the heck up and let them stay here despite what they want to play.

      Sorry Squeaky, just trying to help. I'm sure you get frustrated when people assume you'll have a sale when you're struggling. That's what makes some businesses take a hit, and this is a journal site/blog site. You can't sell until everything goes, it's counterproductive.
    • For example, a perma account would be counterproductive. why? Buy six months paid time instead for a character account. Reup in six months, so the site gets support again. Or buy 12 months.

      You may play the same character over and over again, which is why you only need 1-2 journals for said character, buying perma accounts for both? Fucks things over for the site itself. I know not everyone can afford to buy accounts but if you're spending money on stupid shit or feel it's a shitty hand being dealt that you need to help so the site can stay open, then I don't know, you love it so much, why are you here?

      If I can get users to understand why I was causing trouble the way I was online, then I'll be doing the six months thing. I want to help and might help any damn way, even if I Don't get to play.

      Blaaaaah, this is shit I've wanted to say for years. Like 'Squeak. No Perma accounts, even though I really want one for something.' Or 'Don't lower your prices too damn much. You're not making it for the site or yourself.' I understand business, more than most people want to believe. He's basically saying: I love you guys soooo much and want to stay open, so damn it, here's a sale.

      I'm probably wrong, but I'm over analytical and usually know what I'm talking about. Whoop. I'll shush now. I just want y'all to think about why he can't have sales all the time and you should buy at regular place. It's worth it in the end. Honestly, the prices are already sale prices in the first place. Doop Doop.
    • There are limited numbers of permanently insane accounts available via Patreon rewards.
  • If you support in between sales, then there will be more sales as well. This is why sales are so far and in between.

    This is not a store, where you have merchandise must go before it gets too old but this is unlimited space that he is purchasing and it gets more and more expensive as time goes on. Which is why he does purges every 3-4 years, so that account isn't taking space anymore.

    I know you get like 100 icons per account, and it seems like you don't need anymore icons but here's the deal. He might have to cut back to 50 icons someday, which is more than enough, or even 25 icons, which is more than enough. Not everyone has an expressive face like Jensen Ackles, ya know? Or unless you use anime/cgi icons, then you don't really have a super emotive batch of icons.

    Point is, try and support the site already between sales. We have somewhere between less than 50 users right now or -100, or fuck, maybe 25 who keep making too many journals and not buying anything unless there's a sale.
  • (no subject) - [info]
    • If you do, I will! I probably won't be able to play yet but I'd love to help out. I'll have fun at any rate, passing them out to people who need them. I also have some journal names to give away here in a bit.
  • thanks for all you do
  • Do you guys have permanent going on during this time? I'd like to purchase some to help out.
    • We are offering permanently insane accounts through our Patreon, otherwise no they are not for general sale.
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