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Hi everyone [Dec. 21st, 2008|09:44 am]

[Current Mood | accomplished]

My nickname is Raven. I live in Florida only about 30 miles from Daytona Beach. I work full time in a hotel. I'm a little odd. I admit it ahead of time so no one can say i tried to misguide them. I will vent, rant and complain. That's what my journal is for to me it is a form of cheap therapy. I read a lot. I don't watch a lot of TV but I do tend to download a lot of Anime. I'm a huge anime nut. If I'm not working or hanging out on My Space you can usually find me reading or watching anime. Then again you can find me doing the same thing at work. I spend 99% of my time on the computer. If you would like to meet me I would like to met you.

My favorite Anime shows are:
Junjo Romantica
Naruto Shippuuden
Kyou Kara Maou!
Monochrome Factor
Yami no Matsuei

listed in no specific order
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new to insane journal~ [Dec. 20th, 2008|03:02 pm]
[Current Mood | bored]

Hello, my name is Junné. I'm currently located in one of the mid-wistern states.I'm a writer, graphic designer, and something of a pokénerd. I play numerous videogames on different game systems.
  • I mostly play MMO's on the PC. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Guild Wars, Warhammer 4,0000; Dawn of War, etc.
  • My favorite animé's/manga are Hellsing, Paradise Kiss, Soul Eater, Gravitation, Nana, Fruits, Samurai Champloo, Pokémon, Dragonball/ Z/ GT, &Doki Doki School Hours.
  • I also read a few DC & Marvel comic titles. I've an obsession with both Cassandra Cain & Harley Quinn.
  • I also fancy things that include zombies, and other undead creatures. Oh, and I obsess over anything that is asian related.
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[Dec. 4th, 2008|04:42 am]

ABOUT ME!: Hi! I'm [info]taffie. I'm 22 and I know my ABC's and 123's! So won't you be friends with me? I got my rabies shots and everything!

FAVORITE ANIME: 3x3 eyes, bakuretsu hunters, cowboy bebop, crest of the stars, digi charat, don't leave me alone daisy, dual! parallel trouble adventure, excel saga, flcl, fruits basket, full metal panic!, g gundam, gurren lagann, jubei-chan the ninja girl, kaitou saint tail, king of bandit jing, magical shopping arcade abenobashi, martian successor nadesico, pita ten, pokemon, pretear, princess nine, princess tutu, saber marionette j, saikano, sailor moon, serial experiments lain, those who hunt elves. & Stuff from Studio Ghibli!

FAVORITE MANGA: angelic layer, azumanga daioh, chobits, flcl, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, groove adventure rave, hikaru no go, one piece, realbout highschool, yotsuba&!

FAVORITE GAMES: .hack, disgaea, katamari damacy, klonoa, okami, oregon trail, phantom brave, pokemon, ragnarok online, shadow of the colossus, ssx tricky

I use Live Journal a bit more then this, so if you want to stalk me there I'm clearless
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Introduction and a Question... [Oct. 19th, 2008|06:12 pm]
Hello, I'm twisted_scribe...I absolutely love anime in all its forms. I'm a graduate student at an American Institution that shall remain un-named. In my spare time I watch anime and read fanfiction.

Feel free to friend me if you so desire.

Now, for the question part:

I realize this isn't really in the format of the site, but there is a hentai movie that I can't remember the title of that I really would love to order or buy. If I describe it as much as possible, can anyone take pity on me and help me find the title? I would be forever grateful *hands out hugs and cookies*

Follow the cut to see the description of the movie...

WARNING! The movie I wish to locate is hentai and the description contains material not suitable for anyone underage or squeemish.

Read more... )

Can anyone please help me?
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[Oct. 17th, 2008|08:13 pm]
So I made this journal a long time ago, and have barely used it. I am now determined to use it again, so add me if you want to :)

+ Alishia
+ 18 (19 soon!)
+ College student
+ Massachusetts
+ Loves music/concerts
- A few bands: forever the sickest kids, all time low, the maine, silverstein, the audition, the cab, the red jumpsuit apparatus, boys like girls, panic at the disco, this providence.
+ Likes Anime
- A few: Soul eater, cardcaptors, inuyasha, vampire knight, DNangel, sailor moon, pokemon, digimon, xxxholic, tsubasa.
+ Bright colors
+ Video Games
- A few: Kingdom hearts, super smash brothers, dance dance revolution, guitar hero, legend of zelda:windwaker, paper mario, sonic the hedgehog, mario 64.
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[Apr. 28th, 2008|10:28 pm]

[Current Mood | chipper]

Hey! Yay for a community like this!

The name's Paige, I'm one of those people who seriously can't even imagine growing up, which is why I still love cartoons and video games. I work at a record store because my passion is music and it's the best job ever! I'm a shopaholic and constantly spend lots of money on name brand clothing... I also live for Seinfeld.

Here are my favourites:

Anime/Manga: Love Hina and Sailor Moon (I also have this sad secret obsession with Pokemon still...hehe)'s not anime, it's Live Action, but I just ♥ PGSM. It's amazing!

Music: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Patrick Watson, Of Montreal, Ayumi Hamasaki (I own almost all of the Ayumi Hamasaki Concert DVD's it's sick...I rock the AYU!), Steely Dan, and Frank Sinatra

TV Shows: Seinfeld, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, What Not To Wear, Sex & the City, and Ducktales

Video Games: Final Fantasy Series, Pokemon Series, Super Mario Series, Bully, and the Grand Theft Auto Series

So yeah, that's me...I'm not really sure what the Hell I am. I'm like a fashion whore who likes Sailor Moon...yeeeah. ^_________^

Hope to see you on my friends list,

♥ paige
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Hey all [Apr. 28th, 2008|04:19 pm]
Hey all,

My name is Jennifer or Kajouka and I'm also an anime fan. Started with Sailor Moon and branched out into many others. At any rate, I'm trying to get a cowboy bebop RPG going. At this point we mostly need creative OCs. If you're interested in CB, then check out the info at [info]bebopmod
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Wanna be IJ friends?? [Apr. 22nd, 2008|09:49 pm]
Hey! I'm looking for some IJ friends and thought that this might be a good place to do it. I'll tell you a little about myself and then if you want to add me, please do so! I will add you back ASAP!

Name: Lori
Age: 25
Location: Minnesota
Interests: Art, writing, reading, movies, tv, internet, friends, photography and of course... anime :)
Favorite Animes: Ranma 1/2, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, 12 Kingdoms, Fruits Basket, Ouran Host Club, DN Angel, Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi... others. I also like Harry Potter

Other stuff: I am an artist. My style is somewhat anime :) You can check out my art here:

I look forward to meeting you! <3
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Hello and AD to a New RP! [Apr. 6th, 2008|01:22 am]

[Current Mood | hopeful]

Y-hallo thar ♥

My name is Nori (xnoriko_sakumax@LJ) and I'm a big One Piece fan. Along with some other series I enjoy (even if they're notall Anime/Manga) there is: D.GrayMan, Legion of Super Heroes, Fairy Tale, Kingdom Hearts, Avatar, Tales of Symphonia, South Park, and quite a lot more. XD

I'm also a big fan of yaoi and any kind of slash; also like yuri and weird Het pairings. 8Db I'm spaztastic, I rant as normal basis and like to draw and write fanfiction. I'm Mexican, coming from a tropical parade an close to one of the new World Wonders. ♥

Other than that; I'm here to advertise a new and shiny RP comm, with hopes we'd get more members! They're a lot of open character for everyone~

☆☆☆☆☆ Kaleidoscope Circus
A multifandom RP on InsaneJournal



Hello stranger.

Allow me to invite you to witness the most amazing spectacle you've ever seen in your life.

Welcome to the Inter-dimensional Five Star Kaleidoscope Circus.

We have travelled along the galaxies to be able to bring you this exclusive show, filled with the most extraordinary characters coming from places you don't even imagine. Come and let yourself be amazed with our wonders.


When you step through the main entrance of this place, you're either a spectator or a performer. If you're the first one, please sit down and enjoy the show.

If not...

You better think twice what is the best for you to do, because there's no escape from this place for you.

But please, rejoice. You have been chosen from among thousands of people for your unique talents, allowed to form part of our growing family and allowing you admire the wonders of thousands of worlds through dimensions that have been only saved for our eyes, whether you want it or not.

My only humble advice for you to take is to not struggle and enjoy your stay because we do not tolerate those who threaten against our home.

The warmest of welcomes to you, our future new stars.
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there's no heart without you. [Mar. 27th, 2008|12:42 pm]
[Current Mood | awake]
[Current Music |Pierrot :: Agitator]

Hallo hallo! ♥

I’m your friendly neighbourhood insomniac, otherwise known as Jacey…or Pants, or Bacon, or Strawberry, depending on who you ask. (Or, as I’m more typically called, just plain “Mommy,” considering that my personality is honestly best described as a cross between Fai D. Flourite and Ootori Kyouya and no I really don’t know how that works.) And srsly I’ll answer to just about anything. Twenty-one, of the female persuasion, bibliophile, anglophile, aspiring author/astrologer; and particularly fond of cats, caffeine, and anything cracktastic. >D

I can more often be found as vicious-lullaby over on LJ, but I’m really hoping to get more active here too! ♥ Hence this post~.

But, enough of that. Onto the good stuff!

so wait patiently on your knees for your saving grace )

I'll add/love on most anyone! ♥ As long as you're coherent (though I do appreciate keysmashing and capslock :D), open-minded, and not out to start drama, we will be good~.

And if there’s anything else you’re curious about, I have an intro post here. :3
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Add me! :) [Feb. 18th, 2008|09:56 am]
Wow I'm so glad a community like this exist!
I don't have any friends on IJ that like anime so please add me!!!

My most favorite anime's are:

Kingdom hearts
sailor moon
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[Feb. 17th, 2008|07:41 pm]

Just a random pimping!

[info]vesselsofanima - For all of your Xenogears/Xenosaga needs. (the official InsaneJournal Asylum for the game series)

and lastly

[info]simoun - For the anime series Simoun.

Hopefully this isn't considered spam but I think it'd be nice to get some members for those two communities.

Well that's it!

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Where's my dollar? [Feb. 12th, 2008|08:59 pm]
[Current Mood | cheerful]
[Current Music |5050 - Jungle P]

Hey! I only joined InsaneJournal for one of my friends, but I figured since I'm here I might as well meet other people too, right?

So, my name's Sam. I'm currently a Japanese major at University, um...I'm kind of a faux gamer and I don't watch a huge variety of anime, but the stuff I do watch, I'm really into. I love Japanese music and actually, I kind of listen to everything...not a lot of metal though. (And by not a lot I mean not at all.) Ah, what else...I'm a sailor? I LOVE adventure... And I like to sing and I'm really big on voice acting! (Mostly in English though!) My journal is kind of crazy...but it's just full of D: I have a hard time describing it.

Uh, so my favorites:
I didn't know how long these would be... )
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[Sep. 17th, 2006|09:36 am]
Hey guys, im new to IJ, moved from gj and after finding an anime add me community i was over the moon :D
well a bit about me before i whack out all the anime/manga.

My names lucie and im 19 ( 20 on sunday) im deeply passionate about music and to be honest if im not working or out with friends, im at home reading manga or watching anime. i work in a bookstore so its awesome for manga ;D um yea i guess if you want to know more then add me!

ANIME - I wont name my full list, But some main favourites : Kalido stage, kiddy krade, spiral, peach girl, negima, sugar baby love, ouran high school, ebichu, azumanga daioh, rumbling hearts, chobits, elfen leid, somedays dreamers, voices of a distant star, love hina, fruits basket, aishiterue ze baby, bleach, honey and clover, paridise kiss and yakitare japan. i could go on ;x

MANGA - I love anything by rie takada for example Punch!, High school hustle. also titles like School rumble, absolute boyfriend and hot gimmick and am currently reading mamotte lollipop, full moon, mistle happy and mar.

LIVE ACTION - im a huge fan of hana yori dango both 1 and 2, goong, 1 letre of tears, attention please and am currently watching hana kimi.

ill always try anything once so if i havent mentioned one you like please dont think this is all im into. :)
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[Feb. 1st, 2008|08:52 am]
[Current Mood | curious]

New...ish to IJ but not the system~ When I do post, it gets scarily random sometimes and quite obsessive. Not so much on the personal side. -grin- 21, English and loving all sorts. I love to read, draw, write and perv on pretty things. I'm really into mythology - this month's me loves the Norse - adore Jrock [visual kei ♥] and I reeeeeally like Final Fantasy. I like vampires a hella lot, and the Gothick but also, I completely love stuff like One Piece and anything really bold and apart.
My ultimate pet would be a mokona~♥~

Okay, my lists wa;

♠anime [currently that is, it changes a lot]
Vampire Hunter D, One Piece, DARKER than Black, Shounen Onmyouji, PERSONA-trinity soul-, Trinity Blood, Hellsing[ova], Ouran High School Host Club, Meine Liebe, Princess Princess, Kyou Kara Maou, XXXholic, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Escaflowne, Tsubasa (FAI yo~)

Various yaoi[reading Boy Princess atm], One Piece, XXXholic, Vampire Hunter D, Saiyuki, anything else by Minekura Kazuya, Vassalord, MPD Psycho, Death Note

I don't play games a lot, I only started more seriously when I borrowed a copy of FFVII a couple of years ago to see what the fuss was about and BOOMBBBY.
[Curently playing]
FFVII[again], FFVIII, FFX, FFXII, Dirge of Cerberus, Devil May Cry, Gungrave. I also like online medieval strategy text-based rpgs.

Yoroshiku ne.
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Greetings! [Jan. 30th, 2008|03:42 pm]

I am new to IJ but am trying to make a start here and am liking it so far. I'm a mother of one and tend to not update so often, but a few new friends won't go amiss if they are patient. You may call me Mish or Shu, whichever floats your boat, I'm generally easy going and do like to get to know people, though I will admit to being hard to get to know myself, I'm trying to be better about that. My journal goes from silly, to fannish, and particularly is a place where I gripe so be prepared.

Lists under here )
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[Jan. 30th, 2008|12:26 pm]

These are incomplete, as I like much more than listed here.. In general, for games I like roleplaying and Nintendo-ish stuff, and for anime I like older stuff, but there's always an odd game or two I do like that don't fit into the grouping of what I normally do like.

Games; (The) Bouncer, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Disgaea I/II, Fable, (older) Final Fantasy, Grandia 2/3, Grand Theft Auto (III/VC), God of War, Guilty Gear, Mario, Metroid, Ninety-Nine Nights, Parasite Eve I/II, Phoenix Wright, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Star Ocean 2, Tales of Destiny/Eternia, Valkyrie Profile, Zelda.

Anime; Claymore, Dragonball (GT/Z), Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Magic Knight Rayearth, Rozen Maiden.

Television/Movies; Animal Channel, Discovery Channel, Dirty Jobs, How It's Made, Jackass, Mythbusters, MXC, Saw (I/II), Spike TV, and basically anything remotely educational.

Music; *N Sync, Assemblage 23, Backstreet Boys, Eisbrecher, (older) Enrique Iglesias, Megaherz, Oomph!, Rammstein, Savage Garden, Spice Girls, Zeromancer, and basically any other embarrassing artist from the 90s and video game soundtracks.

I'm a LaVeyan Satanist and bisexual, I love when people are openminded and I treat them the same. I tend to be a very political person, but it usually doesn't seep into my friendships (or journal). I'm here to make decent friends, not just people who wanna raise their friends' count. I update regularly and comment regularly.. I'd like the same from my friends. (But, it's understandable if you don't comment or update everyday, I mean, we do all have lives.)

If you would like to friend me, please comment or let me know somehow, thank you. ♥
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Hello! New Member [Jan. 28th, 2008|09:20 am]
[Current Location |school library]
[Current Mood | happy]
[Current Music |Soul'd Out feat. Heartdales: Candy Pop]

Hello, I'm pretty much new to everything here on insane journal, so I thought I'd find a few friends, but lets get on to what anime like!

I really like funny animes, I can get into the action based ones, but I hardley ever have the time to watch them.

Azumaga Daioh, Dragonball/Z, Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, Revoultionary Girl Utena, Kare Kano, Maralade Boy, Super Gals, Chobits, Nerima Daikon Brothers, FLCL, Inu Yasha, Pokemon (the first and second seasons), Slayers, DNAngel , Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Card Captor Sakura, Ouran High School Host Club, Last Exile, Magical Shopping Acrcade Abenobashi, Yu Yu I know there's more but I'm way to hungry to think...oh wait, a really old one called Samurai Pizza Cats.

I really like videogames too, most of my favorites are music based games like DDR and Parappa the Rapper I like the Sims too. I'm big on RPGs like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy and I'm kind of a Nintendo fangirl, so I really like the Mario franchise. That's about all I can think of right at this moment.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!
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~Insane Journal Community for Simoun~ [Jan. 27th, 2008|04:19 pm]

Hello, random community pimping here. I am not sure how many people here like the anime series, Simoun, but myself and [info]shukoi actually created the InsaneJournal community Simoun and if you like the series, we'd like it if you joined!

[info]simoun - Prayers to Tempus Spatium.

For all of you who are like.. "What the hell is Simoun". Well it's an anime, almost yuri-centric about a group of girls who are sent to save the world. The best thing about it, as well as canon yuri, it has canon het and canon yaoi. It is THE definitive equal opportunity anime I think. There is a pairing for every taste in that series.

Icon unrelated. *coughs* That's just Yukito with a can of Mackeral on his head.

And I am posting my Add Me Application up as well. Everything in my add me application still stands.
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Just joined. [Jan. 27th, 2008|06:54 pm]

Hi everyone. I moved here from LJ a couple of months ago and I'm still looking for people to add to my f-list.

Anime/Manga: Hellsing, Death Note, FMA (still not caught up but working on it), Innocent Bird, and Naruto (which is my current favorite and the one I do the most fannish stuff for.)
Video Games: None. Shocking, I know. ^_^
Other facts & interests: I'm 20, in my third year of college (double majoring in German and art.) I'm living in Vienna on a study abroad program right now, which is pretty cool. I have all kinds of things I like which would take to long to list here; go have a look at my interests if you want to see all of them. Lastly, I am the mod at [info]naruto_asylum.
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