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April 20th, 2010

[Apr. 20th, 2010|04:55 pm]
Name: Katie, although [info]hazumuchan is fine for IJ purposes.
Age: 35 going on about 19
Location: The Illinois side of the Saint Louis, MO area.

It was sad that I was going through my friends' list today and noticed how many people just stop posting after a while. Is the pull of LJ (or Dreamwidth) that great? Oy, I'd much rather have my thoughts heard by an interested few than feel like I'm trying to win some sort of popularity contest.

I like offbeat anime/manga - primarily gender-bender, but also like yuri/shoujo-ai, lean towards horror and a touch of mainstream stuff.

I'm a queer-identified polyamorous transwoman, so be forewarned. I also like horror movies (retro or Asian), science fiction in most of its forms, music of all types (metal or techno especially) and am a gamer of the old, new and odd schools. If I sound like I'd be interesting to read or if you think we have much in common, feel free to friend me and give me a shout so I know you've done so.
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