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[Sep. 18th, 2013|11:14 pm]

“That’s true,” Genma said. “If they’re attracted to strong chakra, could be they were after Yuna-san and not her husband, but when she fought back, they took him instead.” He frowned and pushed his mask off as well. “Even if they’re going after individuals with stronger chakra, though, it doesn’t explain what they’re doing with the people they’ve taken. Or if there’s any chance they’re still alive.”

“Sure felt like it was trying to kill me,” Raidou said, rubbing his shoulder. “Or at least bring me down hard.”

“Yeah, you were lucky,” Genma said. “Your armor saved your spine.”

Raidou’s lips thinned at the thought.

“We should get closer to the mines,” Kakashi said. “If the people taken have strong natural chakra, we might be able to pick it up.”

“And those bug-dogs will pick up on ours,” Ryouma said. He scrubbed a gloveless and not-quite-clean hand through his hair. “Katsuko, how good are you at suppressing?”

“I can completely conceal my chakra, if it's necessary,” Katsuko said.

Genma nodded. “We’ll all have to, at least until we know they’ve sensed us. But a clone can’t. I guess using clones is out.”

“Hm,” Katsuko said, sounding disappointed.

“Once they’ve sensed us—if they do—you can make all the bunshin you want. We’ll probably need them,” Genma said. “Assuming that works for you,” he added, looking at Raidou.

“Might be useful for a diversion if we need it,” Raidou agreed.

Ryouma rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. “So, swords only work on 'em if you manage to stab a vulnerable part. Fire hurts 'em but doesn't kill. Kakashi's jutsu'll go through. So will mine, but it needs contact and takes a while. I've got a jutsu that'll kill 'em from a distance, but it won't do more than one at once and I can't manage more than six shots, even with soldier pills.” He looked around the ring of faces. “We got anything else up our sleeves?”

“Poison gas, maybe,” Genma said. “I don’t have a lot of it, but I can rig it to an exploding tag. And there are always other jutsu. I’ve got a couple of metal jutsu that might work, but one of them requires direct contact.” He looked at Raidou. “What do you want to do, taichou? Recon for now, verify the map of the mine entrances is accurate, and hope they’re in there?”
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