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[Jun. 3rd, 2013|02:37 am]

Mitarou made an appalled choking noise.

The gentle sound of tapping drew Raidou’s attention back to Ozawa, who skewered him with a raised eyebrow. “If you’re all quite done,” she said, in a way that made it clear they’d better be, or she’d finish it for them.

Raidou cleared his throat and straightened his back. “Sorry, captain.”

A shuffle from the lesser minions suggested they were doing a same. When Raidou glanced sideways, Katsuko was sitting with her back ramrod straight, and her best attentive I’m-being-a-good-shinobi face plastered on. Mitarou still looked affronted. Isamu had re-achieved his serenity.

Ozawa regarded them with dark skepticism.

“Any further questions?” she said at last, with the air of someone balancing above a shark tank.

“Will we be seeing you again, captain?” Katsuko said, sounding ever so faintly wistful. “Outside of ANBU, I mean.”

“Ueno, I can say with absolute certainly that if I ever see you outside of ANBU, I will shoot to kill,” Ozawa said, fingertips tapping the hilts of kunai strapped to her thigh. “You are definitely not welcome on Wednesday afternoons, around four, when my grandmother likes to visit. I don’t need anyone’s help distracting her.”

Katsuko blinked innocently. “Duly noted, captain.”

“Anyone else?” Ozawa said.

Isamu lifted a hand. “Are we still scheduled for next week’s mission?”

“Yes. Momoi?”

Mitarou lowered his hand. “Does this mean we’re allowed to move out of the barracks now?”

“Yes,” said Ozawa. “You’ve done your first year stint; you’re free to find your own lodging. And you knew that. This is not pre-school hour for the emotionally disturbed, stop raising your hands.”

“Raidou still lives in the barracks,” Katsuko pointed out. “I can see why people would want to move out. I'm moving out.”

“Thank you, Buddha,” Raidou said fervently.

“Fine, then, topic closed,” Ozawa said, ignoring them both. “I’ll leave you to your sparring. Takahashi, Momoi, if you’re well enough to sit on a log, you’re well enough to exercise. Break a sweat before sundown or I’ll want to know why.”

She pointed two fingers at both of them, then flicked a blurringly fast seal and vanished in a spiral of dust and blown grass.
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