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[Jun. 3rd, 2013|02:47 am]

“Fresh out of palanquins today,” Katsuko said. “All the pole-bearers came down with the flu. Terrible, really.”

“Guess you’ll have to piggy-back me, then,” Raidou said, swaying closer like he really was going to collapse onto her. Katsuko skipped back a few steps in alarm; he caught himself without missing a beat.

She rolled her eyes at him. “Funny. Remind me to bring a wheelbarrow next time you start bleeding. It’ll make dragging you to the medics much faster.”

“Probably this time tomorrow,” Raidou told her dryly. He went to go grab his training kit— an old, battered gym bag— and pulled out a towel. Clamping it down over his head wound, he shouldered the bag and started off towards HQ.

When he glanced over his shoulder at her, she sped up to keep pace with him. “You didn’t really need me to walk you to the medic,” she said, wry.

Raidou’s mouth lifted on one side. “You asking me or telling me?”

“Observing. The sky is up, Yondaime’s hot, you’re a big fat liar. The usual.”

"Who says I don't just enjoy your company?"

Katsuko felt her smile go crooked. “Raidou.”

He sighed but met her eyes. “You nearly took Mitarou’s head off. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Well, she’d been the one to press the issue. Katsuko shrugged uncomfortably; it was difficult to keep herself from looking away, but she held Raidou’s gaze. “I’m getting there,” she said, honestly. “It shouldn’t have happened. Losing control like that, I nearly— to my own teammate.” She rubbed her forehead.

He dropped a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. “Hey, it happens, especially to high-rankers. You know the trigger now; just don’t let it trip again.”

Repress and compartmentalize: the time-honored coping technique of trained killers everywhere. “Your faith in me is disturbing sometimes,” she told him.

“Hasn’t let me down yet,” he said, jostling her companionably before letting his hand fall away.

Despite herself, a little of the heavy weight in her chest lightened. Katsuko jabbed Raidou in the side to show her gratitude. “I’m hungry,” she said, and grinned up at him. “Hurry up and get yourself fixed so we can eat.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, is my bleeding head wound slowing your dinner plans down? I’ll attend to that right now.” Raidou pulled his towel off and dropped it on her head, bloody side down. Then he ran for it.

The noise Katsuko made was a combination of ‘augh’ and ‘I’m going to fucking kill you.’ It echoed off the trees as she yanked the towel away, throwing it as far as she could. Raidou had gotten a head start, but agility and sheer rage could make up for Katsuko’s disadvantage.

She gave chase.
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