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Guilty Filthy Souls [May. 21st, 2014|08:44 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]shiranui_genma
2014-05-22 05:12 am (UTC)


“It’s not as bad as it looks, taichou,” Genma said, sipping the syrupy tea. The clones had put in at least as much of the matcha powder as they had sugar. “It’s sweet, but good and strong. Bunker tea. They made it like they were making coffee.”

Raidou grimaced. “Kind of... bit my tongue earlier. I was thinking I'd stick to cold. Water's good enough.”

That explained the thick edge to Raidou’s voice—Genma’d thought it was just fatigue, not a clumsy, swollen tongue. “Open your mouth and let me see?” he said. “You can sit on the crate.”

The lone remaining clone leaned in, evidently just as interested in Raidou’s medical treatment as Genma was.

“Didn’t one of you go to find a radio?” Genma asked it. “Go find them. And the radio. Taichou and I don’t need an audience.”

The clone heaved a deep sigh and made a face so distraught Genma had to laugh. It hauled itself upright and shuffled slowly out of the room, lasering injured looks over its shoulder.

“If I wasn’t so tired, and that wasn’t a clone, I’d make it run laps for insubordination,” Genma said.

“Ueno will be so pleased she was right,” Raidou observed.

“Giving me grief about obeying an order isn’t the same as sneaking a peek while I’m in the shower,” Genma said. “But yeah.” He peered into Raidou’s mouth and found a double set of clotted lacerations on either side of Raidou’s tongue. The tissue was swollen and red around the teeth marks.

“Did this on purpose, or did you get hit with an uppercut?”

Raidou’s eyes flicked down and away for an instant. “Genjutsu,” he said in a low voice.

’Crap at genjutsu,’ was how Raidou had described himself to Genma back when they’d first met about Team Six. Judging by the wounds, Raidou had to have bitten down at least twice…

“Did it work?” Genma asked.

“Well, I'm not dead,” Raidou told him. Which wasn’t exactly a yes. “Did have to sacrifice your senbon for a self-stab, though. Ueno already looked at it.”

Genma sucked his lips in. “Good thing I didn’t give you a poisoned one.”

Raidou’s watered-down smirk of agreement was cut with something darker.

It begged a question: if Raidou had used the senbon to break a genjutsu on himself, how had he killed the infant target Genma’d given it to him for? Had he even made that kill, or had it fallen on Katsuko?

“Stick it out again, I’ll take the swelling down,” Genma said. “This isn’t terrible, and tongues generally heal well on their own, but no sense you being in pain.”

When he’d finished Raidou’s tongue, he moved on to inspect the knot at Raidou’s temple. There was some bruising and swelling above the ear, and a second tender spot on the opposite side of Raidou’s head.

“This the head injury Ueno mentioned?”

“Feels like it,” Raidou said, wincing away from Genma’s touch. “If you can do anything about the headache, you'll be my new favorite person.”

“I can do that,” Genma told him. “And not just because I want to be your favorite, either.” He closed his hands carefully over the two bruises and pulsed chakra in, feeling for the clean echo that meant no fractures. “Ueno said you dented a building, and you didn’t really answer before, so I have to ask: any loss of consciousness or memory? Even just getting a little zoned out counts. And any head injury symptoms now besides headache?”

Raidou was quiet for a moment, inwardly focused. “No symptoms right now,” he said carefully. “Nothing at the time that read as dangerous, except maybe a little dizziness.” Before Genma could follow up on that evasive eddy, Raidou quirked a smile. “If you want to quiz me on everything, would it be easier just to take my shirt off now?”

“Actually, yes,” Genma said. “I should probably check under your bandages, too. Not that I don’t trust you and Ueno.”