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Guilty Filthy Souls [May. 21st, 2014|08:44 pm]
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[User Picture]From: [info]shiranui_genma
2014-05-22 04:29 am (UTC)


He found them in a disheveled bunk room. It might once have held orderly rows of cots, but the bare metal frames were stacked in one corner now. What was probably a freshly created earthen platform big enough to hold all six mattresses dominated the room. Kakashi was nearly invisible under piles of blankets, with an IV line snaking down towards him from a bag of Ringer’s hung from a kunai someone had driven into the wall above him. A second IV bag and line led to Katsuko, free of her mask and armor now, who snuggled next to Kakashi, presumably keeping him warm with her unquenchable chakra.

Ryouma sat hunched over a steaming cup of tea at the edge of the bed, stripped to his underwear as Genma had requested and huddled under a scratchy-looking wool blanket. A well-used articulated brace wrapped around his left knee. Raidou sat next to him, looking just as weary and not a little worried, gaze darting from Katsuko to Kakashi to Ryouma like he was just waiting for the next crisis to hit.

Three sets of eyes riveted onto Genma when he entered. Katsuko’s good arm lifted from the blankets to wave a greeting, wagging trailing IV tubing like a tail.

“Your limp’s got worse,” Ryouma said sharply.

Raidou dropped a towel over Ryouma’s head. “Dry off,” he said, and pushed stiffly to his feet, one final IV set in hand. Critical brown eyes were fixed on the swollen leg between Genma and his clone. “You need to fix that first?” he asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know if I can fix it quickly without making a bigger mess,” Genma told him. “But I need to seal off a bleeder in there.” His nose trickled ominously again. “I’m maxed out on soldier pills, and I’m still low. What’s your chakra level like?”

“About thirty percent,” Raidou said. “But I can boost that with pills, and it doesn't cost me much to peel off a transfusion.” He tipped his head at the ummoving form on the makeshift bed. “Figure you and the kid both need one. Maybe more than one.” He turned again to look behind him. “Tousaki, you got anything more to spare? I know you've done a few already.”

“Got a little more than a quarter left, after that run,” Ryouma said. “Only took one soldier pill, though, so I've got some leeway.” He stood and clutched his blanket around him while he went to root through a pile of his gear next to the stacked up cot bases.

“That works,” Genma said. He had to lean on his clone and catch his breath for a moment, letting his racing heart slow down. Blood pills could only do so much when you’d lost enough volume to drop your pressure. “Go ahead and set me up with those fluids, taichou? Then I’ll seal the bleeder, you and Tousaki can give me and Hatake a boost, and I’ll see where we are. Probably Hatake first.”

Katsuko stirred next to Kakashi, looking at Genma with evident frustration. “Sorry, lieutenant, I'm useless for chakra transfers.”

“You’re good, Ueno,” Genma told her. “Keep Hatake warm. He needs that as much as he needs chakra right now.”

She nodded and burrowed carefully back under the covers, pulling them even higher with her one working hand.

Raidou had pulled out his own vial of soldier pills. “Tousaki, take Hatake,” he said. He tossed a soldier pill into his mouth with an absent gesture, and crunched it while he leaned over Genma, slipping the IV catheter into a vein like butter, fast and smooth. Yet another shinobi who’d gained basic medical skills in the harrowing war years. He spiked another kunai into the wall and looped the bag’s hanger over the jutting handle. “Any objection with forehead-to-forehead?” he asked, leaning in again.

Genma glanced over his shoulder to see Ryouma kneeling carefully next to Kakashi, ready to start his own transfusion.“Forehead-to-forehead’s good,” Genma said, turning back towards Raidou. He tipped his head back so Raidou could access it more easily, but blood from his nose immediately ran down the back of his throat, and he waved Raidou off. “Ugh, no. Wait.”

Raidou gave him a wary look.