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[May. 22nd, 2014|04:50 am]

Raidou kept quiet while Katsuko answered Genma; her captain’s chakra was a compass pointing her towards solid ground, steady and calming as always.

No. Not always. Tsurugahama Port had proven that. It was hard to remember, sometimes, that Raidou was as human as the rest of Team Six. She was used to thinking of him as bedrock, constant and unfaltering. She’d forgotten that Raidou wasn’t much older than she was; that for all his authority, he wasn’t infallible. He’d pulled Katsuko back from the edge after the demon queen mission, but Katsuko hadn’t even thought to ask Raidou how he was handling his own personal fallout. Katsuko closed her eyes.

I’m an idiot.

Friendships were supposed to be about trust, an understanding that you gave as much as you took from the relationship—that you met the other person halfway. All Katsuko had done so far was take, and take, and take, without even considering what support she could give in return.

Katsuko had killed Tomoko and the Tsuto parents in cold blood today. She could still see Tomoko’s small body crumpled like a doll on the edge of the wharf. Raidou had executed Tsuto Sorai and beaten a Kiri-nin until the man’s skull shattered like porcelain. She couldn’t give back the lives she’d stolen, but she could be there for Raidou when the weight of this mission threatened to pull them both under.

“Taichou,” Katsuko said, opening her eyes. Something in her voice made Genma glance up at her in concern.

Raidou tipped his head down to look at her. “Yeah?”
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