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[May. 22nd, 2014|04:27 am]

“I can do that for him,” Raidou said, hauling out IV bags and tubing.

Genma nodded gratefully, and rubbed his forehead. “I want to do something to regulate Hatake’s chakra flow. Tousaki gave him two field transfusions and we got two soldier pills into him, but his coils are roached.”

Anchored worry, already well-entrenched, settled heavier in Raidou’s chest. “Is he gonna last, or do we need to evac him out ASAP?”

“I’m not making promises,” Genma said, after a beat. “But as long as he doesn’t end up with an infection or other serious issue, I think I can keep him stable. We’ll need to radio for a team anyway. He’s not walking home any time soon, and I’m probably not either.”

That was a hefty ‘if’, but Raidou would take it.

“Okay,” he said. He grabbed another bundle of supplies and stuck his head out into the hallway, raising his voice to a bellow. “UENO, CLONES. WE’RE GONNA NEED EXTRA HANDS.”

There was a distant crack of chakra, sharp enough that even Raidou felt it, and a flood of bodies poured down the hallway. At least fifteen clones standing in a line; the last one gave Raidou an expectant look. He shoved supplies at it.

“Pass those up. Lieutenant wants the boys stripped down; help them.” He didn’t bother adding be gentle. Katsuko knew where the line was when it counted, and her clones would, too. “There’re blankets and towels in the generator room. Grab ‘em all. You two, add yourselves as guards on that prisoner; I don’t know how much juice Tousaki’s clone has left in it. And you, hunt up a radio. If there isn’t one, I want to know—we’ll have to send a message on foot.”

About seven voices said, “Roger,” in unison, and clones scattered. Raidou picked out one without a task and pointed at it. “You, has Ueno made any start on food yet?”

“Curry,” it said.

“Take over for her,” Raidou ordered. “I want her back with the boys. Grab another helper if you need it. See if you can scrounge up hot tea, too.”

Two more clones vanished.

Raidou glanced sideways at Genma, taking in the white skin, the dull shivering, and the glaze of exhaustion. There was blood grimed under his nails, and blackened gore splattered over most of his uniform. Rain hadn’t done much to sluice him off, but it had soaked him enough to set in a chill.

Not good in a man about to attend wounded. And there was a battlefield lesson for you: triage first, but none of it was any use if your medic fell over.

“Shower,” Raidou said decisively. “One of Ueno’s clones has enough chakra in it to heat the water. Take five minutes to get yourself warm and clean. I’ll get Hatake’s IV laid in.”
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