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[May. 22nd, 2014|04:26 am]

It took longer than the short run out: Genma was limping heavily on a wounded leg, and while Ryouma was going steadily, he wasn’t going fast. But the hillside came into view, and they found the stone marker after a brief search in rain-swept darkness. The team staggered underground and Raidou sealed the door.

The lights were still on; they glowed sickly yellow on blood-stained armor.

Raidou dispelled his mask-henge, and looked over his shivering, panting ninja and the unmoved clones. Steam curled up from Ryouma’s skin, and blood dripped down the edge of Genma’s unmasked jaw. Kakashi was silent, face mostly hidden against Ryouma’s shoulder. And the enemy captain—

Was missing an arm beneath that foil blanket.

Probably not a good donor after all, then.

“Cells,” Raidou told the clone carrying her, and dropped her to the bottom of his priority list. If she hadn’t bled out before now, she’d keep. “Ueno, show the boys the barracks. Hatake needs a bedroll—” to start with, “—and Tousaki gets whatever hot drink you can make in short order. Shiranui, if you can stay on your feet for another minute, I’ll show you what medical supplies we’ve got, and you can give me a grocery list.”

Katsuko hustled Ryouma and Kakashi off like she half-intended to carry them both herself. Her good hand wrapped briefly around Ryouma’s arm, then switched to Kakashi, landing on his shoulder, then his back, then back to Ryouma. She did that with Raidou sometimes—touched constantly, like she had to check he was really still breathing.

There was probably going to be a lot more yelling before the night was done, Raidou thought. At least she hadn’t punched them yet.

Ryouma’s clone bundled Fukuda Takedo into a cell, slammed the door, and crouched down outside it, staring at her. There was an intensity about its unbreathing focus that caught Raidou’s attention, a knife just waiting for a target.

Genma raked dripping hair out of his face and leaned against his own clone. “You’ve triaged yourselves already?” he asked Raidou. “Give me the rundown. And I need Tousaki and Hatake stripped down so I can check them out in the light.”

Raidou eyed Genma’s obviously broken nose. “Might want to think about putting yourself on that list somewhere, doc.” He set off down the hallway, ducking a metal-caged light fixture, and said over his shoulder, “Ueno’s re-broken her collarbone; took a burning beam to the shoulder. We had a house fire… issue. Minor burns for both of us; I’ve dressed those already. Probably some smoke inhalation, but nothing that’s knocked us over yet. Her collarbone looks displaced. I wanted you to check it out before I tried setting anything. She’s doing okay with the sling for now.”

“Thanks,” Genma said behind him, breath rasping as he and his clone kept up. It had a nasal whistle to it; not much air getting through his nose. “What meds have you had? Any soldier pills?”

“No soldier pills. Handful of painkillers each, nothing narcotic.” Raidou took a sharp right turn into the medic’s tiny supply room and opened the closet. A stethoscope tried to slither out, along with a miniature landslide of dressings; he caught them hastily. “We’re both stable. I’d keep your focus on yourself and the boys first; you all seem like you’re in worse shape.”

Which was worrying in a medic.

Raidou hadn’t seen a radio in the safehouse, but he damn sure planned to look again. Otherwise they’d have to send one of Katsuko’s clones to the nearest occupied post for help, and that was hours away.

Genma braced himself between the doorframe and his clone, casting a practiced eye over the supplies when Raidou stood aside. “Grab out the Ringer’s and some IV tubing. I’ll take another soldier pill—” (which made how many, Raidou wondered) “—and get my clone to hook me up while I work on everyone. Tousaki shouldn’t need an IV, but Hatake does. We’ve all taken blood pills.”
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