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[May. 22nd, 2014|04:20 am]

They made it five meters when the faint glimmers of six chakra signatures brushed against her senses. Katsuko stopped dead, heart hammering, and flung her arm out in the sign for hold. She reached out again, drawing on the ANBU tattoo, and grinned when three sparks shone in the distance. She tapped on her throat-mic.

“Tanuki, Hound, and Ram are headed straight towards us,” she told Raidou over the comm. “Two clones with ‘em.” Her grin faded. “I don’t recognize one of the signatures traveling with them. And Hound’s signature is low.”

“How low?” Raidou asked, sharply.

Katsuko narrowed her focus down to Kakashi’s flickering chakra. “I doubt he’s conscious.”

Raidou swore and broke into a run, activating his throat mic. “Tanuki, status?”

Static crackled. Hssssssss.

His voice sharpened. "Ram, report."

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