Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Who: Horace Slughorn, Alecto Carrow, Lavender Brown, Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour and Sara Moon
What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
When: Friday, September 10
Where: Fleur's office, to start.
Rating: NC-17

Lavender had been giddy all day. Well, Giddy didn't even begin to describe it, actually. No matter how much pouting she had done, Fleur had stuck to her convictions that they needed to be subtle with their relationship. It was too easy to get caught if Lavender was always in Fleur's office or stayed the night or they shagged in the hallways. Jeez! It was like Fleur thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut!

However, all that was forgotten since she got to go to Fleur's quarters for a little while. She knew she would actually get some more time when Fleur's sister's visit was over. Deciding she wanted to tempt and torture her love a little bit, Lavender donned the sexiest outfit she could manage. It was a white mini-skirt, clingy blouse and purple scarf Fleur had bought in her in Paris. It had barely lasted ten seconds on Lavender's body once they got home so she knew Fleur loved it.

Making her way to Fleur's office, she stopped at the door and knocked lightly. "Professor Delacour? It's Lavender Brown. May I speak with you for a moment?" She was doing her best to sound proper and professional but failed miserably. Her voice was sing song and mischievous. Luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone around. After a few moments, Lavender let herself in and looked around excitedly for her mate once the door was closed and they were truly in private.
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Friday, August 13th, 2010

Who: Lavender Brown and Fleur Delacour
What: Trunk inspection!
When: September 1, 1997. First day of school, trio year 7
Where: Hogwarts Gate
Rating: PG, for now.

Lavender felt her heart lodge in her throat. She hadn't expected Filch to actually be so thorough in searching the possessions. "What's this?" he accused, holding the leather bound book up in Lavender's face, his rancid breath making her wrinkle her nose. The only reason she was safe, for the moment, was that he couldn't read it because it was in French.

"It's a book of poems," Lavender told him for the fourth time. Clearly she wasn't very convincing. She should have known better to not bring it but she couldn't stomach the thought when she packed. She had a plan and she needed to put it in motion at school. It would be the only way!

"Poems? Poems?" Filch scowled. Clearly Lavender's reputation had preceded her. He was about to confiscate the book! Lavender felt a surge of fear.

Then, she saw her savior. "Professor Delacour!" Lavender called to her. "Can you come here for a moment?" She did her best to hide her affection and minimize her smile. It was hard but Lavender mostly succeeded. She just needed to not look down at the ring on her left hand that was invisible to all but a few who knew about their engagement.

"Goodman Filch is trying to confiscate my book. It is just a book of poems I am using to learn French," Lavender explained. "Perhaps you can assure him that is what I said it is?" If Fleur opened it, it would be clear to her that the book was about Veelas.

Swallowing hard, she hoped Fleur wouldn't look at it too closely!
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Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Who: Lavender Brown, Gabrielle Delacour and Fleur Delacour
What: Gabrielle is pissed!
When: March 22nd, 1997. 5pm
Where: Delacour Estate, Tours, France.
Rating: PG, for now.

Gabrielle was just starting to come around on the idea of Lavender Brown being involved with her sister. She had been looking forward to a fun vacation that involved corrupting Lavender's more-innocent friend Parvati. However, she had been floored by what Fleur had just announced…

Her parents had been ecstatic; they seemed as smitten with the ditzy girl as Fleur was and that only made Gabrielle more annoyed.

They'd had dinner and Gabrielle did what was expected of her; she had been polite and laughed and smiled as she buried her feelings deep down. Fleur and Lavender were being amorous and lovey and that didn't help her mood.

Once dinner was over, Gabrielle waited off by Fleur's bedroom. She allowed her sister to see her as Lavender went into the room first. He had hoped that Fleur would come and see her. If not, there would be hell to pay…
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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Who: Lavender Brown, Fleur Delacour and a cameo by Katie Bell
What: Lavender and Fleur finally get their weekend in Paris!
When: March 20th, 1997. 5pm
Where: Starting on the Hogwarts Express, then London, then wherever Fleur takes her!
Rating: PG, for now.

Lavender was walking on cloud nine the entire week before spring holiday started. It hadn't been easy but she had convinced her parents to let her go to Paris, on her own, with Parvati under the "supervision" of Professor Delacour. That still made her laugh. If her parents only knew…

She had packed, unpacked and repacked her trunk several times over the days leading up to the day they were to leave for break. She had been very careful around Fleur. They had made it this far without getting caught, she didn't want to get her girlfriend caught, and likely sacked, now!

They weren't going to be able to meet up until they were off the train. That didn't mean that Lavender didn't want to look her best when she finally caught up to Fleur. One the train, Lavender had touched up her make up incessantly. Having changed out of her uniform, she wore a pair of perfectly tight Versace jeans, matching top and tan suede coat with white fur trim. Her hair was down and ran over her shoulders.

Making sure her trunk was set aside, she waved to her friends as she left King's Cross station. Parvati was going home with Padma and was getting to Paris on her own. That was all right with Lavender since that meant that she and Fleur had one night genuinely to themselves!

Walking onto the London street, Lavender moved a few blocks to the west. Walking into a chi café, she got an over-priced latte and moved to sit at a table outside and watched the people as they moved by.

She had no idea how long it was going to take Fleur to get there, she did have things to do on the train after all, and she tried not to be too anxious but it was hard! A weekend away with her lover? It was like heaven.

Besides, Lavender had something important to talk to Fleur about and she couldn't wait to tell her.
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Who: Ginny Weasley and Fleur Delacour
What: Ginny is pissed…
When: February 6th, Saturday. 11:50pm
Where: Hogsmeade.
Rating: NC-17

Ginny was so angry and hurt she had no idea how to cope with it. She felt guilty too. Terribly guilty. Was this how Katie felt when she was out with other people? Had she been so torn up about it? Ginny hated to think that she had.

Plus, what did she see in that stupid art slag anyways? Lucy had slept with everyone! Well, not that she knew that, but it seemed to fit! What did Katie want with her? Of course, Ginny couldn't reconcile her hypocrisy over that statement.

Then, there was Fleur. Katie told her about hooking up with their teacher. She'd played it off as best she could but she was still smarting from it. Then, Fleur had the audacity to approach Katie in the middle of Hogsmeade.

Not really thinking about the consequence, Ginny followed Fleur until she entered a part of Hgsmeade where no one was around. Then, she stepped out from around the corner. "Hello, Professor," she called out, her tone tight and unfriendly. Slowly, she started to walk up to Fleur.

Though, not too close. She refused to let Fleur get the better of her like she did so many other people…

Folding her arms across her chest, she blew a lock of hair out of her face that had fallen out of her ponytail. Ginny wore a dark green jumper and wool coat over a pair of brown corduroy overalls. The wind and cold had colored her cheeks red.
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Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Who: Lavender Brown and Fleur
What: Lavender can't seem to get anything going!
When: January 21st, Saturday 1997. 6:45pm
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Rating: NC-17

Lavender sat in front of the fire sulking. She was melodramatically considering walking up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower so she could fling herself from it. What was wrong with her? She'd been trying to find a decent shag for weeks and had failed miserably.

It wasn't that she threw herself at everyone, far from it, but she couldn't believe that the ones she'd selected hadn't panned out…at all!

There was that incident with Heidi. That had been terribly embarrassing and awkward. It made her feel better that Heidi seemed genuinely tempted but Lavender would have felt better actually shagging her!

Then there was Megan and Claire. That would have been so fun! Lavender was terribly disappointed. She even offered to shag Megan alone but it seemed that Megan was arse over tea kettle for…someone else. She'd made excuses but that seemed to be it.

She should have pressed it for. Megan had almost caved more than once. Lavender knew she wouldn't have been able to pressure her though; she just wasn't like that.

Lavender sighed and blew a lock of hair from her eyes. She'd complained to her best friend for hours and hours until Parvati had pretty much tuned her out. There really wasn't anyone else she could talk to.

She was tempted by the idea of Katie Bell; Gryffindor Seeker, really hot in an athletic way and totally dominant from what she had heard. But, Ginny and Katie were involved and Ginny was acting really jealous lately. That wasn't going to work…

Ginny… Blah! She was such a slag, Lavender just couldn't bring herself to shag Ginny Weasley.

Staring at the fire, Lavender crossed her arms and continued to sulk.
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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Who: Lavender Brown and Fleur Delacour
What: Lavender has a problem…
When: January 4th. Wednesday, 3:00pm
Where: Fleur's Office
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None

Lavender had been sure to act up during class. She wanted to be sure that Fleur had an excuse to keep her after. She'd passed a few notes and had generally not been paying attention. Though, she was afraid she did her job a little too well because it seemed like Fleur was actually angry when she asked her after class.

Her fellow students oooh'd as Fleur asked to see her after class. Lavender felt her cheeks burning. Parvati rolled her eyes knowing what Lavender's ploy was all about but she kept her reaction subtle.

If there was one thing that Lavender took seriously it was keeping Fleur and her safe from discovery to protect Fleur. She was hopelessly in love and truly devoted to her.

Gathering her books, Lavender moved to stand in front of Fleur's desk. Shifting from foot to foot, it was harder because her mind had been leading her to naughty places all day and she was in quite a state between that and just being in the same room as Fleur.
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Friday, September 11th, 2009

Who: Lavender Brown, Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour
What: Lavender hasn't seen Fleur in two whole weeks!
When: Five minutes after arriving at school.
Where: Fleur's room.
Rating: Surely NC-17

Lavender had been squirming in her seat the second her arse hit the bench on the train. Parvati teased her mercilessly but Lavender was too distracted to really enjoy it or pay much attention. This had been the hardest two weeks of her life.

She had no idea being away from her girlfriend would be so difficult. She'd spent every night in her bed, touching herself while fantasizing about Fleur because that was the only way she could get to sleep.

From the time she got on the train, Lavender had been back and forth to the loo making sure her make up and hair was perfect and her uniform was as tight as she could get away with. She charmed the blouse tighter and the skirt much shorter. Only her cloak and prevented her from getting detention while she was in the Great Hall.

She had lined up with her house but escaped that her first chance when she saw that Fleur was not with the other Professors. Making sure no one was around, she made her way to Fleur's door and whispered the password.

Easing the door open, Lavender peeked inside. "Fleur?" she called softly before slipping inside and shutting the door behind her. She could feel a dull ache between her legs and Lavender was sure she could feel a hint of dampness staining her thighs.
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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Fleur Delacour
What: Tracey hatches a desperate plan to save face and discredit Heidi after being outed. Fleur is a perfect candidate to help.
When: May 16, 1997
Where: Fleur's Classroom/office.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, dubious consent.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. This is, partly, how they did it…

Tracey was frantic, manic, as she set about to finding a way to hide the truths that had been blurted out about her. She had warred with herself over what she should do. Part of her wanted to just accept it, admit it and see what could be made with Heidi. She wanted it so badly, it hurt.

But then, there were other things in play. Then, Tracey's mother had gotten involved…

Since that day, Tracey had fully embraced everything about her that made her Slytherin. She skulked and schemed and plotted and pondered. Most of all, Tracey watched. She watched everything.

After a short time, it became clear who her greatest ally would be and who would be the key of getting that person in her pocket. Tracey began to follow, no stalk, Lavender Brown. She watched everything she did and everywhere she went. One day, she even stole from her.

She had spent day after day in her laboratory and the library researching and brewing. Tracey, much to her annoyance, was not successful the first time or even the second or the third. However, on the tenth try, she got it right. At least, she thought she had.

The result of all her work tucked safely away, Tracey made her way towards Fleur's classroom. She wore a pristine uniform and her golden hair was hanging loose over her shoulders.

Knocking lightly at the door, she tried her best to quiet her pounding heart and to affect the look of an innocent, yet alluring, school girl.
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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Who: Hermione and Fluer
When: December 25th, 1994 around 10:30 PM
Where: The Great Hall and other locations to be disclosed...
What: Its the Yule Ball, and Hermione is starting to see what everyone else does in Fluer
Rating: TBD

Hermione couldn't believe that she was watching the person she had found the most annoying in the previous weeks at Hogwarts but tonight she understood why people stared at Fluer Deleour, the enchanting Veela from Beauxbatons. The girl moved around the floor with Roger Davis and she seemed to cast a faint, silvery shimmer that dulled even the brightest dress robe as she swirled past. Her hair shined and was the sort of lusterous Hermione could only get with a fair amount of sleek easy potion that she feared was already wearing off, tendrils were falling out of her bun from dancing with Krum.

Although she liked Victor, he didn't speak much though and she felt awkward trying to fill all the voids so eventually she went to just tapping her foot and watching everyone dance. Fluer had caught her eye when she came in and now she was watching her freely, just like several boys were as well as a couple of male professors.

Fluer was so seemingly perfect, smart, beautiful, confidence in abundance. She thought that was part of the appeal of her, it was sexy, Hermione had a hard time feeling confident considering on the night of her life she felt like she looked the best, no one seemed to recognize her. She sighed and smoothed her blue silk dress robes that fit her in all the right places, eyes still on the tall blonde...
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Who: Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour
What: Fleur is mad at having had to clean up her sister's mess with Heidi and Tracey.
When: March 26, Sunday evening.
Where: Beauxbaton's, starting in the library.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Domination/Submission. Incest.

Unlike her sister, Gabrielle really did not like the Beauxbaton's uniforms much at all. Also, unlike her sister, they had yet to become nostalgic as she saw them day in and day out. Nevertheless, she found that she was staring across the tables in the library at a girl wearing one and finding it incredibly sexy.

It was because the robe was clinging to the form of one Helene Bussair, the school's resident bookworm. Helene, unlike Hermione Granger Hogwart's rough equivalent, made a great effort to look very well put together and beautiful.

Helene did not have "time" for boyfriends and the like. She had made that claim for year. Now that she was in her last, she was sticking to it more than ever. Aside from that, she was adamant that she did not like girls.

The challenge was too much for Gabrielle to resist. Of course, had she thought it was true that Helene did not like girls, Gabrielle would not have bothered; she was not one of those girls that was convinced that all girls would have sex with another girl if she met the right one. She was just sure that Helene was not a girl who would want to say no to the right girl…

They had been exchanging glances for over an hour. Gabrielle could feel her desire rising, but she was trying to be patient. Pretending to study, she was plotting the best way to approach her prey…
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Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Who: Fleur Delacour and Lavender Brown
What: Fleur never did really get Lavender back for sneaking under her desk...
When: March 22, 9:00.
Where: Fleur's chambers
Rating: NC-17

It had taken Fleur a few days, but she had finally thought up a proper "revenge" on Lavender for her sneaking under her desk and teasing her, a spanking just wasn't satisfactory in her book.

Plus, Gabrielle was now gone and she missed her sister, but knew that what she had with Lavender was different, but equally as good as what she had with her sister and now that Gabrielle was back in France, she was hoping to make up for lost time that was taken when Gabrielle chose to occupy it.

Fleur had caught Lavender after her class had ended and told her to come to her room after dinner and when all the other old professors had gone to bed. Now, Fleur sat waiting for her lover, a short, silk robe, she was very fond of silk robes, was draped over a white, she thought it was an ironic color for the nights activities, chemise with black lace trimming the edges. The French woman sat comfortably on her couch with her familiar glass of wine and knew that Lavender would be there soon.
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Monday, September 15th, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis and Sara Moon (Dream) / Tracey Davis and Fleur Delacour
What: Tracey is desperate and overwhelmed
When: March 21, 11:59PM
Where: Sara's dorm room (Daydream) / Fleur's Classroom
Rating: NC-17

It had all been a lie. She had been so close to believing Heidi. Tracey had almost been foolish enough to be fooled twice. After leaving the Hufflepuff Locker Room, Tracey had gone to the one person who would know. She had begun nicely, then yealled, then screamed, then threatened until she was sure that the person was genuinely certain that the Delacours had no Veela blood whatsoever.

Tracy had been made a fool of…

She had wandered the grounds crying and sobbing. Her arms ached from hugging her body so tightly. Students saw her but no one dared as her what happened. She didn't even care who saw. Tracey was likely going to be expelled after what she had done. Dumbledore was likely looking for her that very moment…

Tracey had one thing left to do. There was one piece of closure she desperately needed. Time was short. She would get it. She had to…

It was almost midnight when she arrived back in Slytherin dorm. She had seen Sara's roommates still in the common room. She hid her tear stained face as she made her way to the sixth year girls dorm. Striding past her own room, she arrived at Sara's door.

She was still in the skirt, fishnets and other Muggle clothes she had worn for Heidi's benefit. Her dark eye make up had run and was a complete mess. Her heart hammered in her chest, unsure if she hoped that Sara would answer the door or not.
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Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Who: Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour, Lisa Turpin, and Allyson Turpin
What: Gabby is sad without Lisa
When: In the future, post-Hogwarts
Where: Delacour estate in France
Rating: NC-17

Future Imperfect )
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Who: Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour
What: Sisters talking…
When: March 15th
Where: Fleur’s Quarters
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Warnings: Implied incest

Gabrielle was so terribly bored. She was lounging on Fleur’s bed, still in her Beauxbatons uniform, as she waited for the dinner hour to chime. She was thumbing through a romance novel so trashy that her mother would have paddled her silly if she ever caught her with it. Of course, she had found it on Fleur’s bookshelf.

Waiting for her sister, Gabrielle was trying to decide who her next conquest should be. There were a few options, to be sure, but she wasn’t quite sure who it was that she would grace with her body. It would surly be the last before she left; a special honor in her mind.

Having kicked off her shoes, Gabrielle laid on her tummy and absently kicked her feet as she read.
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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Who: Lavender Brown and Fleur Delacour
What: Lavender had a naughty idea…
When: March 14th (towards the end of Gabrielle’s visit)
Where: Charms Classroom
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Exhibitionism, sorta

Lavender had been on edge all day. She had been so anxious for the time she could put her plan into action that she had been on the edge of her seat all day and rather randy to boot. She had dressed just as she knew that Fleur would want her to. Lavender wore a blouse from last year, that was now quite tight around the chest, the skirt from her fourth year, now way too short.

The skirt had almost earned her detention from Professor McGonagall but she had managed to lie and say it had been sent from home so Lavender could give it to a girl who was having trouble affording her own. McGonagall bought it and told her to change as soon as she could.

Sneaking into Fleur’s classroom between classes had been the hardest part. She had a free period, as did all sixth years, late in the day. So, getting out of class was not hard. However, it looked odd for her to be in the halls when the first years were changing classes.

Luckily, no one was in Fleur’s class when she slipped in. Hearing a noise, she practically jumped under the desk. She was barely out of sight when the first group of students entered. Drawing her wand, she concentrated hard before casting a Concealing Charm wordlessly.

She grinned. Fleur will be so proud when I tell her. She had to suppress a giggle at the thought. Her heart was pounding as she waited for Fleur to arrive.
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Who: Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour
What: Fleur remembers, Gabrielle helps forget.
When: August 12th, late afternoon
Where: Fleur's room
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Incest, per chance.

Sighing as she entered her room, which was littered with empty wine bottles and cigarette butts and packs, Fleur laid her wand on her bedside table. The past few days had been teetering between good and bad. Good because Gabrielle was finally looking at her again, finally talking to her, which made the older Delacour positively beam. Bad because...well, the overbearing presence of Bellatrix loomed over her. She tried to make herself as scarce as possibly when it came to the faculty, with the exception of Andromeda whom she found that she could stand. Truth be told, despite her calm and collected exterior that she put up as a show for her students and other teachers, inside Fleur was still scared and distraught. She hadn't been able to sleep. In fact, the last time she had gotten any decent shut eye was after her and Gabrielle. So, she had taken to hiding in her room most of the time, trying to drink and smoke away her memories, rather that remember what Bellatrix had done to her.

Gliding across the room and pulling off the confining robes to reveal only a white button down and muggle jeans, throwing it on her bed, Fleur moved to stare at her reflection in the full length mirror she had brought from her home in France. Slowly, her hands moved to unbutton her top. Soon the shirt joined the robes on her bed, leaving her upper body only concealed by a white bra. Now, the French woman's gaze fell on her hip, the beginnings of a dark scar creeping out from the tip of her jeans.

Apprehensively, Fleur moved to unzip her jeans and pulled them off as well, tossing them to the side. Now she had a better view of the scar,pulling down her lingerie some for a better view. Fingers gently traced it, a bold B carved into her otherwise flawlessly smooth skin. As she traced it, all the memories came flooding back. Bellatrix's shrieks of laughter, the pain, the blood. Everything. She felt a small tear roll down her cheek as the unwanted memories returned, fearing that the would haunt her the rest of her life and she silently cursed Bellatrix Black.
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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Who: Gabrielle and Fleur Delacour
What: The Delacour sisters both get back from eventful nights...
When: Sunday March 10, 1am. (After Fleur has left Lavender
Where: Fleur’s Chambers.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: incesty-ness, perhaps.

Fleur had just left her office and was feeling happier than she had been in a long time. Lavender loved her. She loved Lavender. They were dating. She was Lavender's girlfriend. Lavender was hers. Fleur felt like a giddy school girl at the thoughts as she walked down the halls to return to her room.

This time, her walk went without any meetings with Ronald or any other prefects or professors, which gave her time to tidy herself up. She ran her fingers through her hair to smooth it back down from her sec-tossed state and straightened her shirt and smoothed her jeans. She knew though, that Gabrielle would still smell Lavender and sex on her and probably wasn't expecting any less.

Reaching her room, Fleur ran her fingers through her hair one last time and, smile still wide on her face and a tint of pink on her cheeks, she opened the door, feeling slightly like a teenager returning home after sneaking home from a late night tryst.

"Gabrielle?" She called as she opened the door.
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Who: Lavender Brown and Fleur Delacour
What: Lavender needs to see Fleur…
When: Sunday March 9, 10pm. (2 hours after meeting Fleur in the halls with Gabby)
Where: Fleur’s office
Rating: NC-17 for sure
Warnings: None

Lavender had been anxious since the moment she left Fleur. It seemed that they didn’t need to hide from Gabrielle their relationship. Fleur had touched her and held her hand in front of people. It had only been Parvati and her sister, but it meant they weren’t totally a secret.

She and Parvati had run back to their room when they left Fleur and Gabrielle. Luckily, Hermione wasn’t in their room so she could gush about Fleur. However, Lavender found it hard to get a work in with Parvati gushing about Gabrielle. It was funny at first, but Lavender was tempted to whump her best friend with a pillow after a while.

It would be after lights out by the time she met Fleur. She would need to leave a little early if she was to get there before the Prefects and Professors started patrolling the halls. She found that her tummy was full of butterflies and her knees were a little weak as she waited to leave. She couldn’t wait to see… Fleur. But, what else was the older French girl? Her lover? Sure. Her girlfriend? Lavender liked the idea, but she wasn’t sure that Fleur would ever think that way…

Parvati and Lavender spent time chatting and gossiping until it was time to go. Hermione arrived just in their room just in time to see Lavender leaving. She looked at Lavender’s outfit with curiosity. “It’s almost lights out,” she told Lavender in her “Prefect voice”.

“I forgot something…in the library. Then I need to get Padma to help me with the assignment. So, I’m going to stay in Ravenclaw tonight,” Lavender told Hermione. Her lie was surprisingly convincing. Techically staying in another house was against the rules without permission, but it was often overlooked when it was friends staying together.

Maybe it was because Hermione had something on her mind, but she shrugged and went to her bed to get ready for bed. Lavender grinned mischievously at Parvati before stepping out the door and into the hall.

Reaching down, she felt a small shape in the pocket of her tight, designer jeans. Smiling, she began to make her way to Fleur’s office. Her library story would hold up for most of the trip, but not all of it. Her heart was hammering hoping no one saw her.

She actually ran into Ron Weasley in the hallway running back to Gryffindor. For some reason, though they talked only briefly, she found that she was blushing and giggling at him. Odd…

The rest of the trip she made unmolested. Arriving at Fleur’s classroom door, she fished an elegant looking skeleton key from her pocket. It had been her first chance to use the classroom key since Fleur had given it to her.

The door clicked open and the room was dark. She quickly stepped inside and drew her wand. “Lumos,” she whispered, the tip of her wand began to glow white. Lavender went up to Fleur’s private office.

Once inside, she began to light the candles. Moving to the mirror, Lavender looked at her outfit to be sure that it was still put together nicely. She wore a flowing blue shirt of a gauze material that was pulled tight over her bosom. Her hair hung down loose over her shoulder and she had curled it very loosely so it was now wavy. On her feet were a pair of light loafers that had been all the rage in Italy over the summer.

Anxiously, she waited for Fleur to arrive.
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Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Who: Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour
What: Gabby is visiting her sister.
When: Saturday, March 9th
Where: Fleur’s Chambers
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Snark, angst, incest

Gabrielle was happy to be back at the dreary little castle in Scotland. This time, she was fairly certain, she would spend no time under the lake. It was just as well, she was far more concerned now then she had been about her appearance and wet hair looked so…unkempt.

For years, Gabrielle had been keeping up with a few of the people she had met at Hogwarts. There were only a few that she continued to correspond with and most of them were girls in House Slytherin. Luckily for her, Beauxbatons took their breaks at a different time then Hogwarts and Gabrielle had convinced her parents to allow her to visit Hogwarts over break instead of going to Italy with them.

Her fight day at Hogwarts had been wonderful. The boys, and quite a few girls, in Slytherin had fawned over her and given her all the attention she wished for; Gabrielle did have an easy appetite to sate in that regard.

The day had been spent leading on Theodore Nott, flirting with Daphne Greengrass and generally enjoying the refined company of the Purebloods of Slytherin. Sadly for poor Theo, he didn’t manage to impress Gabrielle enough for her to allow any of his advances to go anywhere. What was wrong with English boys? They all seemed so…childish.

The day would have been perfect if not for one thing. When they had ventured out of the Slytherin Dungeon, Gabrielle spied a pretty girl from Gryffindor. Almost ready to flirt with her herself, Gabby was stopped in her tracks by something she saw.

Though a set of circumstances she did not understand, Lavender Brown had been removing her school sweater and blouse in the loo instead of her own dorm. Through the partially opened door, Gabrielle had seen a mark on her shoulder. The red, warm mark was nothing she should have paid any heed to. However…there was just something about it. Something that sparked a memory in her mind…

For the rest of the day her mood was quite poor. Of course, that only caused people to dote on her more. That did help her mood some.

Through out the day, Gabrielle had worn a beautiful, ice blue dress that clung to some of her curves but was loose in other places. She wore a light jacket with a fur lining that helped to keep her warm in the drafty castle.

She was still in the Slytherin Dungeon, waiting for Fleur as she stewed over what she had seen. What is she even doing anyways? she wondered, miffed.
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