Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Who: Horace Slughorn, Alecto Carrow, Lavender Brown, Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour and Sara Moon
What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
When: Friday, September 10
Where: Fleur's office, to start.
Rating: NC-17

Lavender had been giddy all day. Well, Giddy didn't even begin to describe it, actually. No matter how much pouting she had done, Fleur had stuck to her convictions that they needed to be subtle with their relationship. It was too easy to get caught if Lavender was always in Fleur's office or stayed the night or they shagged in the hallways. Jeez! It was like Fleur thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut!

However, all that was forgotten since she got to go to Fleur's quarters for a little while. She knew she would actually get some more time when Fleur's sister's visit was over. Deciding she wanted to tempt and torture her love a little bit, Lavender donned the sexiest outfit she could manage. It was a white mini-skirt, clingy blouse and purple scarf Fleur had bought in her in Paris. It had barely lasted ten seconds on Lavender's body once they got home so she knew Fleur loved it.

Making her way to Fleur's office, she stopped at the door and knocked lightly. "Professor Delacour? It's Lavender Brown. May I speak with you for a moment?" She was doing her best to sound proper and professional but failed miserably. Her voice was sing song and mischievous. Luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone around. After a few moments, Lavender let herself in and looked around excitedly for her mate once the door was closed and they were truly in private.
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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Who: Alice Longbottom and Bellatrix Black
What: Alice is terribly conflicted and needs to tell Bellatrix something.
When: June 20th, 6th year. Continued 2 years later, late 1981
Where: Outside of the Potions Dungeon, to start
Rating: PG-13

Alice had been avoiding Bellatrix for the last few weeks. It had been a magical time but it had made her feel terribly guilty too. Frank Longbottom had basically swept her off her feet with the endearing awkwardness. She would have never believed he really liked her but he did.

But, where did that leave her and Bellatrix? Bellatrix knew that what they had was fine for school but that it couldn't last forever, right? They'd never really talked about it, but she had to understand that. The future was marriage and kids and they could never have that no matter how special what they had was.

Her heart was hammering and her stomach churned with anxiety as she waited outside the Potions Dungeon for Bellatrix to get done with class. Gryffindor and Slytherin had Potions together, so Alice had it earlier in the day with Ravenclaw. It was just as well, less chaos that way. Potions was hardly her best subject.

Alice's blonde hair was slightly mussed and her uniform was a tiny bit askew at the end of the day. Her tie was loose and slightly cocked to the left. Standing there, Alice's feet were slightly pigeon toed and her arms were folded in front of her.
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Friday, November 28th, 2008

She felt sick. Angry. Annoyed. She didn't know what she felt, but it all bubbled down to a really, really bad feeling. Bad enough that she didn't eat, she didn't do her homework (not that she really did, but she hadn't forced anyone), that anything directed at her ended up in flames, in the trash, gone. Fingering the fork's prongs, she stared across the hall, eyes burning with something.

Just watching him laugh made her grit her teeth, wishing she had some way to shut him up. Anyway would be fine, as long as he was just quiet. And if he could just move towards the other end of the table, that would be even better. It could even make her day. Thumb slipping over the prong a little to hard, she dropped the knife as she drew blood, grabbing her napkin and immediately trying to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, that only feuled her anger. How could she be so careless!

Turning to look at the boy next to her, who had been bumping against her all through the dinner, she growled softly. She had warned him before. Another bump and the lad suddenly found himself on his knees, face first in his friends crotch. It wasn't the best push, but it had certainly caused the table to go quiet, and the boys to take on an intersting shade of red.

"That's all," she said, as she got up, leaving the hall. The boys could enjoy their play, they were going to end up there anyway. The table stayed quiet for quite a while, no one daring to look at the now vacant spot, and the boys who had been playing before, they were not playing anymore.
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Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Promise Ring!

Who: Alice Longbottom and Bellatrix Black
What: Bella has a surprise for Alice.
When: The day of the party.
Where: School.
Rating: PG-13

Bellatrix was nervous. She could tell she was, she was pacing her room, not at all making fun of first years, or trying to manipulate them into doing something. And she hadn't even picked her daily fight with Rodolphus yet. She knew he was dying for it, just by the constant knocks and quivering voices of girls asking for her. Stating simply that Rodolphus was looking for her. Stupid prick...

But, tonight, Bella was going to tell Alice she loved her. Tonight, she was going to find someway to make her hers and vice versa, and what she had learned of through some muggle girl, coerced into telling her, was a promise ring. It was insanely muggle, but Bellatix didn't care, not at the moment. The only question wa, how did she go about giving her a promise ring?

Heaving a sigh, she sat on her bed, staring at the wall. This was completely insane, she was going to 'give' herself to Alice.

A promise ring.

A promise ring...
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