Friday, September 5th, 2008

Who: Harry and Ginny
What: Spending the night together. A night of romance!
When: Saturday night.
Where: Room of Requirement.
Rating: NC-17

Harry was anxious to get to the Room of Requirement. He’d needed to craft a shield of lies to convince Ron why he wouldn’t be back that night and not to wait up for him or worry. He wondered how Ginny managed it.

Maybe she hadn’t? That only increased Harry’s apprehension as he snuck through the halls. He would need to try and avoid anyone seeing him out so close to curfew. His heart pounded the whole way, but made it to the Room of Requirement without incident.

Off to the side, he waited for Ginny to arrive. He didn’t know what location she would pick, but he was anxious to find out. Almost as anxious as he was to spend the night with her.

He wore the jeans that Ginny complimented him on a few weeks before and a t-shirt with a hoodie over it. He had tried to calm his wild hair with only moderate success. Pacing, he hoped that Ginny would arrive soon.
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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Who: Harry and Ginny
What: Someone spots his hot girlfriend in the halls…
When: Monday, after returning from Christmas break.
Where: Outside the Charms classroom.
Rating: NC-17, most certainly.

Hermione’s return to Grimmauld place had been a difficult one for Harry. It had taken a few days for them to talk everything out. He wasn’t sure that he had full insight into his friend’s thoughts and feelings, but he thought he had a pretty good idea by the end.

It had been hard to tell her what had happened between him and Ginny. It had been hard to tell Hermione about his conflicting feelings. She had gotten upset and he had gotten upset. There were talks about the future and about the present. Though he wasn’t sure why, Hermione thought it best that they be friends. They had shared something special and that she wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else, but that they should be friends.

Harry was happy that she wasn’t too upset and he got happier the more he realized that he could be with Ginny.

Sadly, Harry didn’t have much of a chance to spend time with Ginny before they got back to school. In the five days before they went back, Harry hadn’t gotten to spend any time alone with her.

Now he was wandering the halls on his way to Potions when he saw Ginny with a few of her friends passing by. She had been on his mind all day. Waving, she smiled at her a little shyly.
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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Who: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley
Where: 12 Grimmuld place
When: Christmas day
What: Harry and Ginny enjoy breakfast and... dessert
Rating: Nc17

Christmas morning had broke as usual. The family woke to all find presents at the foot of their beds, delighting in what tidings had brought them this year, but Ginny thought she had just gotten the best gift of all the moment it had turned midnight. Harry had kissed her, and then they found themselves tangled naked under the light of the Christmas tree, making and professing love for each other. Ginny had rolled over that morning and blinked in the sunlight, wondering if it had all been a sweet but cruel dream. She had to get out of bed and go over to the mirror... no, there it was, the red mark Harry had left on her neck. She realized a second later that her tank top was on inside out, the fire had been much lower when they had dressed and headed back to their own rooms.

Grinning in the mirror, Ginny nearly forgot about her other gifts. She shook her head and went back and began unwrapping all the packages that Had been left there.

She had washed up dressed that day in a very pretty green jumper her mum had knitted for her that set off her firey hair and complimented her milky, freckled skin. Silky thread and cut in a v neck but not too low. A simple black skirt that was shorter but modest, and matching green knee socks with her Mary janes finished her outfit. She had made sure she had on that perfume Harry liked and her thick hair was fixed just right before coming down to join the family. Not one for makeup, she had dabbed on the smallest amount of cherry lip balm that made her mouth look pouty and kissable.

She walked into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Weasley busy about setting the table, magicing everything out just so for their late Christmas breakfast. She helped her mum finish setting up and everyone was called in to eat. Ginny tried not too feel too self conscience while she waited for Harry to come in.
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Who: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley
What: Boredom becomes something more…
Where: Twelve Grimmauld Place
When: December 24th, almost midnight.
Rating: NC-17

Harry was wandering around the house, trying to find some calm. Hermione had been gone almost a week and Harry was going crazy. He missed her and missed what they had started together. Amazingly, they had been able to keep it a secret from everyone except Ginny. Harry really doubted she would be saying anything.

He knew that he would need to tell his best mate in time, but Harry really had no idea how to talk to Ron about Hermione being his girlfriend. Girls always complicated things and Harry was afraid that it might do real harm to their friendship. No matter how hard Ron denied it, Harry was certain he fancied Hermione.

Going down to the kitchen to get some pumpkin juice, he was in his pajama bottoms, slippers and a t-shirt. Pouring a big glass, she got a slice of bread and put jam on it before sitting down at the table.

It was almost Christmas. Hermione would be back in two days. Harry couldn’t wait…
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Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Who: Ginny Weasley and Heidi Macavoy
What: Heidi needs to confess to someone.
When: March 16th, 8pm
Where: Quidditch Pitch, to start
Rating: R

Ginny was so sore. She was limping away from the Quidditch Pitch in a pair of green, corduroy overalls, a red jumper and her trainers. It wasn’t that she’d gotten hurt by falling or anything. Katie had decided that the team lacked conditioning. So, for two days in a row, they spent ninety of practice doing calisthenics and running. Ginny thought that she might die.

In revenge, Ginny had decided that Katie wasn’t going to get any love that night. It didn’t matter that neither of them were likely to be able to lift their arms, let alone do anything else.

She was tempted to go to the Prefect’s Bathroom and drown herself in the tub to put her out of her misery. Either way, a nice long soak would surly help. Though, some food might be a good idea first.

Walking towards the school, Ginny’s mind was blank as found she was only able to concentrate on her aching body.
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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Who: Romilda Vane and Ginny Weasley
When: Two weeks after Spring Break. Very late, Saturday night.
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
What: Romilda needs info. Plus, she’s heard a thing or two about Ginny…
Rating: NC-17, eventually
Warnings: None yet.

Romilda had been looking for a chance to do several things since she’d returned from her week at Professor Kendrick’s flat. Sadly, she’d had an opportunity to do none of them. In addition, she’d been looking for an opportunity to talk to Ginny Weasley.

After overhearing some very interesting things while skulking about the girl’s dorm, Romilda figured that Ginny was certainly someone to talk to. She was taking her job as Professor Kendrick’s second very seriously and her job was to help her expand the coven. Now that she knew more of what was going on, Romilda wanted to begin that process.

She had been trying to sneak out of Gryffindor Tower all night. There were two people that she wanted to see. However, people were staying up so late that it was impossible to sneak out. So, she’d socialized and hung out hoping that they would clear out eventually. But, by the time they had, it was too late. The people she wanted to see were practically guaranteed to be asleep.

So Romilda was left mildly annoyed and very randy. She wore her favorite jeans that clung to her hips and a low cut, red silk blouse. Her hair was pulled up into a high, loose ponytail. She’d kicked off her boots earlier and just had her socks on as she lounged in a chair by the fire.

There were only a few people left in the common room, looking like they were going to bed soon.
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

who: Ginny Weasley and Luna lovegood
Where: the field between the Lovegood property and The Burrow, at a small pond
What: Luna and Ginny are meeting for a picnic and maybe a dip?
When: before there thrid year
Rating: R

Ginny was used to climbing over the broken and bramble covered fences that lined around the outside of the Burrow and took her through the little wood she had grown up playing in with her brothers, but today she wasn't making the trec to chase after them. Today she was swinging a picnic basket that her mum had packed with sandwhiches and a magic never spill pitcher she had filled with lemonaide for them to drink, as well as cookies. She hoped Luna had remembered to bring a blanket for them to sit on.

It was a rather hot, sticky day. Ginny passed out of the woods and back into the sunlight, blinking for a moment while continuing on. Her cutoff bluejean shorts hugged her hips and showed several inches on flat, toned tummy before her green tank top that was getting to the point it was so small Mrs. Weasley didn't want her wearing it anymore. Ginny kept it for hot days like this, Molly hadn't seen her leave the house in it, she'd been occupied when Gin snuck out.

Coming to the pond that marked a the half way point between where they lived, Ginny stopped under the old oak tree and set the basket down. She shieled her eyes so she could see if Luna was coming over the hill. She was eager to see her friend, being cooped up with her ruddy brothers all day.
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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis (with guest stars Katie and Ginny)
What: Tracey needs to talk to her girlfriend
When: February 27th
Where: Near the Quidditch Pitch
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst

Tracey had slept a single minute the night before. Everything that had transpired between her and Sara kept playing in her mind over and over again. Her cheeks were a little red and her eyes were a little sunken as she paced back and forth near the Hufflepuff locker room.

She didn’t know what to do. She really didn’t even know what to say to Heidi when she saw her. She had tried to catch up with her girlfriend all day, but it just never worked out. Classes had been agonizing. She almost tried to stop Heidi from practicing that day, but stopped herself short of that.

With her cloak drawn up, Tracey wrapped her arms around herself and her distinctly rumpled uniform. She’d been waiting to hear all day the “rumors” coming from Daphne Greengrass about her. Luckily, she hadn’t heard anything…yet.

Tracey felt like she was losing her mind as she waited for Heidi. Hopefully she would be out soon. Discreetly, she waited by their normal spot by the bleachers. She looked about constantly to assure that she wasn’t being watched.
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Friday, July 4th, 2008

Who: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and eventually Ginny Weasley
What: a 2nd night meetup brings another old friend to the mix
When: July before 7th year. Monday, August 3, 1230 am
Where: Grimmauld Place. Regulus’s old bedroom.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het.and threesome

Hermione could hardly wait for that night to begin, she and Harry had been stealing kisses and caresses for the last 24 hours and it had felt like a million years had gone by in that time. She knew that they should keep their minds on the war in front of them but it felt so good to cling to something happy she just couldn't help herself.

She had nearly triple checked the upstairs for people as she made her way to the floor where Regulus' room was. She had worn a favortie nighty that she thought that Harry would like, it was a dark, nearly midnight blue with silver lace embellishments along the low cut neckline and the short hem at the bottom. Underneath, she wore silver lace knickers. She felt very Ravenclawish as she admired her figure in Regulus' vanity mirror as she waited for Harry, her hips curved out in a nice way and her breasts looked perk and cute. She had pinned her dark ringlets up int a loose twist, some dangled around her shoulders.

Clucking her tongue at her reflection, she looked away and cast an eye on the bed, it was nicely made with fresh linens, she wondered if it made Kretcher cross to know someone had been on his favorite Masters bed. The old elf was so misguided she still felt bad for him.

Pacing around the room, she realized she needed to light somewhere and stop making noise walking across the floor. Hermione retired to the bed, her heart beating wildly as she waited for her "secret" lover to arrive.
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Who: Ginny Weasley and Gabrielle Delacour
What: A chance meeting…
When: Six months after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts.
Where: Paris Quidditch Ring, France vs. Ireland Exhibition Match, Reception the day before the match.
Rating: NC-17 eventually
Note: This story line is unconnected to any other story line.

Ginny was ecstatic and she practically glowed as she stood with the rest of her teammates. They were all dressed in emerald robes with Celtic knot work to trim the hems and mark their backs with numbers.

Her hair was worn long, something she would have never done in her Quidditch uniform and she wore light make up. She couldn’t remember too many times in her life that she felt happier or more confident. Her first year out of school she had made the Irish National Team.

People had told her she was nuts to even try out. They said she might have a chance, a tiny one, on making the English team but there was no way she would make the Irish one. However, Ginny was not to be dissuaded. She had always been an Ireland fan, that was where her family was from, that was who she was going to play for. She made the team!

Selected as an alternate, she was second string Chaser and might actually play Seeker if five or six of her teammates were injured during the game. Ginny was going to play her heart out the fallowing day to see if she might actually earn a starting position in one of the few remaining exhibitions before the World Cup tournament started.

The party was fun and the music was loud enough to dance too, but not too loud. Champagne flowed freely, though she had stayed away from it for the most part. Lots and lots of people had been invited to the reception, though she had no idea what one would need to do to get one.

Having just finished some small talk with one of the wizards from France’s department of magical games, Ginny turned her attention to the crowd.
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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Who: Ginny Weasley and Heidi Macavoy
What: Ginny has a secret that she is dying to tell!
When: Wednesday night, a few minutes before lights out.
Where: Outside the Prefect’s Bathroom
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Lewd and dirty talk (at the very least).

Ginny needed to find Heidi. She was practically ready to leap out of her skin with what she wanted to tell her. Ginny had friends, sure. She had friends that could even keep a secret. However, she didn’t have any friends that were quite like Heidi. She would be the perfect person to tell.

She had such a fabulous weekend and she needed to tell someone. The only person that would give her the conversation she wanted was Heidi. Sadly, that wouldn’t be easy. It had been three days since Hogsmeade and the party she wanted to discuss and she hadn’t caught up with Heidi.

The biggest reason wore green and silver and obviously hated Ginny with the heat of a thousand suns. Ginny couldn’t seem to find a time when she found Heidi and she wasn’t with her girlfriend.

Ginny had to admit that she was a little jealous. She had so much chemistry with Heidi, Ginny couldn’t figure out why she’d give that up to be with only Tracey. She had to admit that the blonde was pretty hot, but did they really have the chemistry she and Ginny had?

The night before, she had waited outside the Prefect’s Bathroom in the hope that Heidi would go there. She didn’t. However, that day, the Hufflepuff practice had run very late and it was likely that Heidi would indulge in a long bath. Ginny did know her ex-girlfriend, after all.

So, she waited in the shadows hoping she would see Heidi come around the corner. Ginny had checked to assure that no one was in the Prefect’s Bathroom and found it empty. It would be the perfect place for them to talk. Actually, a long bath would be pretty nice, Ginny thought with wry amusement.

At her feet, she had a bag of fresh clothes just in case she did manage to grab a bath.
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Friday, April 11th, 2008

Who: Heidi and Ginny
What: Heidi has a favor to ask of her ex-girlfriend. She has to go into the lion’s den to ask…
When: A few days after the Halloween Ball.
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Rating: PG-13 (for now)

Sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, in her favorite chair by the fire, Ginny was idly fidgeting with the bottom of her over-sized jumper and laughing softly. Hermione, sitting next to her in the huge chair, shook her head as her cheeks burned bright red.

She smiled slyly over at her friend, amazed how easy it was to get Hermione all flummoxed about certain things. “I really don’t see how that is any of your business,” Hermione commented. Though her friend had appeared to be offended, Ginny knew she wasn’t, it was just her defensiveness welling up due to the subject.

“Well, I can let you know,” Ginny teased, refusing to let it go. “I mean, I’ve seen it.” She giggled madly. She was having fun for the first time in weeks. OWLs were worse than anyone said, even after Hermione had almost had a nervous breakdown the year before, things with Dean were…she didn’t even know and there was still a strange tension between her and Harry.

As well, there were still the bad memories of what had happened at the end of last year between her and Heidi. Ginny tried not to think about it, but she was unsuccessful in avoiding it creeping into her thoughts more often than not.

“No!” Hermione squealed, turning bright red.

“What, you’ve seen it so you don’t need me to tell you?” Ginny grinned as Hermione buried her face in her hands. Curious faces around the common room were beginning to look over which only increased Ginny’s fun and Hermione’s embarrassment.

When Ron and Harry came in, her fun was over. She didn’t want to be cruel. Hermione gave Ginny a thankful look when it was clear that she wasn’t going to tease her any further.

Still chuckling, while Harry and Ron sat obliviously on the other side of the room, Ginny picked up her book to do her reading assignment for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The last thing she needed was Snape on her case.
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Monday, February 18th, 2008

Who: Lavender Brown and Ginny Weasley
What: Lavender owes Ginny a punishment… (Or is that a reward?)
When: Two weeks after the party where Lavender hooked up with Parvati and Padma
Where: Third Floor Girl’s Lavatory (to start)
Rating: NC-17

Lavender had been one to scheme as of late. She really had not idea where she had picked it up, but there was no denying it. Her last endeavor, her last “hurrah” before professing her undying love for Lisa, had not gone as planned. However, it had succeeded and Lavender planned to learn from her mistakes.

That was part of the reason it had taken so long for Lavender to set her plan in motion. She was anxious, almost painfully so, to repay Ginny for the wonderful night she’d had with Padma and Parvati. Though, as well, there was no denying that Lavender ached for Ginny in a way she found inexplicable.

It still amazed her that the girl she used to loathe was the best lover she’d ever had. Of course, others were close and special in there own way, but she and Ginny had a connection that Lavender still couldn’t explain.

During the few weeks she’d seen Ginny and they had talked and flirted as always. But Ginny never even asked about Parvati and Padma. Lavender had to make Parvati swear it was true twice more before she finally went ahead with her plans.

First, she heard of a girl in Ravenclaw who had “special potions”. After seeking out Elanor Branstone she discovered they were very mild in affect but could be fun nonetheless. It had cost her a fair number of galleons, but she secured a small vial.

Next, she had to steal and learn a charm that her roommate Hermione had stumbled across. It seemed there was a charm that could create or amplify arousal. She wasn’t sure which it was even by the time she had learned it. But, even if it was only amplify, Lavender knew that Ginny lived in a near constant state of it, just like she did.

Picking a day that Ginny didn’t have Quidditch practice, Lavender began by slipping the potion into Ginny’s pumpkin juice at breakfast. The potion would, allegedly, make everything pleasant to touch and that things that touched you created a more intense sensation. It wouldn’t last all day, but it would be a good way to start.

Then, she got a note from Madam Pomfrey to miss classes. It had take one of the Weasley’s Puking Pastils to take care of that. Easy.

Third, that morning, Lavender had enchanted a cloak to hide herself. It would hardly be as good as real invisibility cloak, but it would fool a casual observer which was all she needed.

Wearing her uniform in case she as discovered in the halls, Lavender followed Ginny from class to class. Each time, she would cast the arousal charm. It didn’t last long and wasn’t very intense, but she wanted Ginny’s desires to simmer and build all day for when the moment was right.

Knowing that Ginny would go to the third floor after her class, Lavender waited in the girl’s lavatory for her. Hidden under the cloak, she fidgeted excitedly as the minutes ticked by.

She knew that her own state rivaled Ginny’s in anticipation of what was to come; she didn’t need the charm at all. Neither would Ginny if she knew what was about to happen, she thought with a wry smile.

Lavender spotted Ginny as she made her way down the hall in a small group of students. Slowly, she reached out and hoped that no one would see and grabbed Ginny’s wrist. Giving it a gentle tug towards the lavatory, Lavender withdrew her hand quickly to remain hidden and waited to see if Ginny would get the hint and come inside.
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Hermione and Ginny about London

Who: Ginny and Hermione
When: summer before Hermione's 6th year
Where: muggle London
What: their first date!
Rating: nc17 I'm sure

Ginny was sitting at the kitchen table with Hermione. Her mother paced in front of them, nealry wearing a path in the stone floor. She had been lecuring them on keeping a low profile in muggle London. After ten minutes of cautions Ginny could hardly stand it anymore.

"Mum, we are dressed like muggles, Hermione was raised with her muggle parents, we know to keep an eye out for anything unusual," she whined, sitting with one elbow on the table, her hand propping up her head. Her other hand was under the table, resting in Hermione's. She looked cute today, her thick red hair was drawn back on the sides and tied at the back with a black ribbon. She had her favorite jeans on, the sat low on her athletic hips. A black belt with a silver buckle finished off the lower half, and she had on a black fitted peasants blouse with short, sheer sleeves. It stopped right above her belly button and left three inches of her toned pale stomach. Ginny wanted to get her belly button pierced, but she hadn't told Hermione that... yet.

Mrs. Weasley looked at her daughter and sighed, "fine, but keep your wands at the ready and for heavens sake do not venture into Diagon Alley."

Ginny grinned at Hermione, standing up she picked up her black small shoulder bag and threw it over her neck, "let's go before she changes her mind.
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