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Saturday, November 28th, 2009

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    Who: Padma Patil and Professor Aurora Sinistra
    What: Padma wants so extra credit but, more so, she is looking for an escape from the awful goings on at Hogwarts. She has asked Professor Sinistra for a tutoring session.
    When: Friday, Oct 1, 1997. 10pm
    Where: Hogsmeade.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Teacher/student

    Padma Patil had received quite a bit of grief from those Prefect still in power and their cronies. Many Prefects, herself included, didn’t really have much influence or authority anymore and some had been stripped outright. She was tainted by association; her twin was in Gryffindor.

    Even with a pass from Professor Sinistra, she still barely got through to get to her tutoring session. It was impossible not to notice that there were plenty of people in the halls without passes. Though, the Prefect’s didn’t seem to care and they all had something in common; they were all respected Pureblood with, at least, some love for the new régime and Hogwarts and the Death Eaters.

    Hogwarts was suddenly a very dark place. It was crushing and Padma tried not to let misery fill her. She loved Hogwarts but that was part of the problems. It hurt her to see what it had turned into. Even Parvati, usually unflappably happy, wasn’t happy anymore.

    Arriving at the Astronomy Tower, she saw a pair of students fleeing. It seemed her tutoring session had closed off the most popular snogging location in Hogwarts. She smirked in amusement at the idea.

    Walking up the stairs, she came to the door and knocked lightly. “Professor Sinistra?” she called out lightly. Afraid to wear anything too Muggle, at least British Muggle, she was dressed in a black and blue sari. Her hair, as usual, was in a thick braid down her back and her wand was tucked into her sash.

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