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Monday, November 23rd, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Jean Grey and Anna Marie (rogue)
    What: Jean and Rogue get assigned a class project and it leads to...
    When: TBD. Jean and Anna are both students
    Where: Xavier Institute For Higher Learning
    Rating: NC-17 eventually
    Warnings: None yet

    Listening attentively as Professor Scott Summers lectured, Jean Grey couldn't help but release a sigh. The Professor was so yummy, with a element of mystery due to his always wearing those red sunglasses. She knew from experience why he wore those control his power...but still, it had quite effect. What color were his eyes? It was impossible to find out anymore...

    "Woo-pff!" whistled nearby.

    Then something small and wet struck her cheek. Uttering her annoyance, Jean reached up to rub her cheek. It was damp, and as she looked down at her desk, she could see a spit wad laying on her netbook's keys. She didn't even need to reach out with her mind to know who it was...Jubilee. The younger girl took a perverse pleasure in tormenting her. Grumbling something under her breath, she ignored the pest in favor of actually trying to learn.

    "...And so in closing, your special abilities can be used in conjunction to achieve even greater effects," Professor Summers told them. "That brings me to your next class project. I want you to come up with a creative, unique way to combine your powers with someone else's to achieve a greater effect that is helpful. I have already taken the liberty of breaking you up into partners. Come up to my desk you check who your project partner will be. I expect all projects to be presented to the class next Monday, so you have one week from now. Any questions?"

    Jean hoped her partner wasn't Jubilee...
    Who: Sara Moon and Daphne Greengrass.
    What: Sara has a gift for Daphne to show her appreciation.
    When:January 7th, Saturday late afternoon.
    Where: Hogsmeade.
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: With Sara and Daphne, there's bound to be some.

    It was another trip to Hogsmeade, only this time the students of Hogwarts were accompanied by freezing cold weather. Bundled up in a fur lined leather jacket and Slytherin scarf coupled with dark red corduroy pants and black working boots, Sara looked with displeasure over the snowy town. The only redeeming event would occur hopefully soon though...

    Spending the minimum amount of time with Theo, Sara picked the best time, after he had downed quite a few butterbeers, to tell him she was going to go o some girlish shopping. He waved her off and Sara sighed as she was free.

    Earlier in the week, Sara had sent a discreet owl to Daphne telling her of a very hidden Inn that she had booked a room at for them. Surely no one would see them go there. She included the time to meet and room number and a promise of a surprise.

    Arriving at the inn, Sara checked in and quickly went up to the simple room with only a big wooden bed and a wooden table and chairs, dresser and a couch. She called down for some wine which was quickly brought up with two glasses. Once she was alone, she took off her jacket and scarf to reveal a black longsleeve thermal shirt with some English quidditch team logo that Theo supported. It was one of the few things he had given her and he only gave it to her so she would look "presentable" at a match he had dragged her to.

    Sitting down, she took out the box that held Daphne's present and poured two glasses of wine as she waited.

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