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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Megan Jones and Jessica Runcorn
    What: Claire and Megan had a sleepover before the start of their 5th year. Thing got a little...crazy and now Megan can’t sleep!
    When: August 6th, Saturday 1995. 2:00am
    Where: Living Room, Runcorn home
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: None yet.

    Megan had snuck from the guest room down the living room. She hadn’t slept at all after Claire’s parents had insisted the two girls go to bed about midnight. Normally she would stay on the floor in Claire’s room but Claire’s mother had insisted Megan stay in the guest room this time. Maybe they had talked too loud and too late last time?

    Sitting on the couch, Megan wore her flannel, pink pj pants and fluffy pink socks. She wore a boy’s white under tanktop with an afghan lightly hanging off her shoulders. Megan told herself she was getting a glass of water but she never really made it to the kitchen. Instead, Megan sat on the couch in the living room.

    Megan and Claire had been “practicing” kissing for the list they created of boys they might want to snog when they got back to Hogwarts. However, pretty quickly, all she was thinking about her best friend. Was that weird? What was Claire thinking about? It couldn’t have been Megan, right?

    She’s already had to change her knickers twice! That was a little scary. She’d gotten excited before but she’d never been…like that. What was wrong with her?

    Megan stared down at a trashy gossip rag but she didn't even read it. Her mind churned, making it impossible to concentrate.

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