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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Megan Jones and Claire Runcorn
    What: Megan has the most amazing news!
    When: January 6th, Friday 1997. 7:50pm
    Where: Outside Slytherin Dungeon
    Rating: NC-17, talk anyways.
    Warnings: None yet.

    Megan was fidgeting and pacing about as she waited for Claire. They had parted way after chatting briefly but that was before she was cornered by…someone else. Megan had barely been able to keep herself together due to the excitement but Claire had already left the Great Hall!

    She had searched around frantically for her friend but hadn't found her. As she paced, Megan wanted to scream. She'd been pacing for almost thirty minutes and Claire had not come back.

    She'd had a nice chat, briefly, with Tracey Davis. Though, mostly she just got a few verbal jabs from the snobby Slytherins which she responded with a few course swears and cockney attitude.

    One of the things she loved about dinner on Fridays was that students could wear Muggle clothing. Megan wore the same outfit she had to study with Hannah. It never made it more than a couple days out of the wash before she wore it again. Her hair was down and she wore dark eye makeup but light make up other than that.

    It was a good thing she wasn't wearing her tie, Megan was ready to strangle herself in frustration.

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