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Friday, February 6th, 2009

    Time Event
    Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
    What: Tracey is having Heidi over for dinner. What is she thinking?
    When: Friday, Oct 16th 2003. 10am
    Where: Tracey's flat, Diagon Alleya.
    Rating: Who knows? PG-13 to start
    Warnings: Angst.
    Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

    Tracey spent the whole week on edge. Hiding everything about her, as she always did, her job only added to her level of apprehension. First she worried about having Heidi over at all; it was a bad idea. Then she worried about her place, it was small and spartan on her meager salary. Then she worried about what she should make.

    By the time Friday arrived she was nearly a wreck. If she hadn't called out sick so much at work, she surely would have. So, she went to the Ministry and just stewed at her desk all day. The end of the day couldn't come fast enough.

    She survived to the end of the day, somehow, and left work to stop at the market. Picking out all the ingredients for the meal, she also bought a small bottle of wine. Once she got home she poured herself a glass to calm her nerves.

    What should she do with her "shrine"? Tracey sighed when she looked at it. Heidi knew about it but she didn't know the scope. Taking down most of it, Tracey left a few pictures and articles up and hid the rest away.

    Dressing in a proper, gray wool skirt with a white silk blouse. Dinner was cooking on the stove as Tracey waited nervously. With the time drawing near for Heidi to get there, she finished her glass of wine and hid the bottle away.
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Luna lovegood
    Where: The Lovegood Home
    What: It is Luna's 14th Birthday Party
    When: Before their 4th Year
    Rating: TBD

    Luna was turning fourteen today. She wasn't exactly sure when it would happen during the day, but when it did, then she would know. Her father was the most excited, as he was every year. The table with 8 legs...four on the bottom and four on the top...was set with as many places as it could hold. Her father had invited everyone from Hogwarts again this year.

    No one ever came except Ginny, of course. Ginny was her only friend, the only one she needed. Smiling, she agreed with her father when he told her that this year there would be enough children to eat the life size unicorn cake he had baked. It sat on the table in all it's pink glory, tethered by licorice to the four table legs on the top of the table.

    Dressed in a simple peach summer dress and mismatched socks, she had lime green loafers on her feet. Her radish earrings were looped from her ears, and a conical hat that read 'birthday girl' on it rested atop her head. They were only waiting for Ginny to arrive, as they always did. After her seventh birthday, Ginny's brothers weren't allowed to come anymore. They still hadn't gotten what was left of her seventh birthday cake...which had been a purple the ceiling. This year she was really hoping for something red and freckled...

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